Commit dda3587b authored by Marco Trevisan's avatar Marco Trevisan Committed by Benjamin Berg
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identify: Use stored print to show identify information

The stored print may contain more metadata, so let's use that for
device-stored print, if available.
parent fb585421
......@@ -109,6 +109,20 @@ on_identify_completed (FpDevice *dev, GAsyncResult *res, void *user_data)
identify_quit (dev, identify_data);
static FpPrint *
get_stored_print (FpDevice *dev, FpPrint *print)
g_autoptr(GPtrArray) gallery = gallery_data_load (dev);
guint index;
if (g_ptr_array_find_with_equal_func (gallery, print,
(GEqualFunc) fp_print_equal,
return g_object_ref (g_ptr_array_index (gallery, index));
return NULL;
static void
on_identify_cb (FpDevice *dev, FpPrint *match, FpPrint *print,
gpointer user_data, GError *error)
......@@ -128,22 +142,31 @@ on_identify_cb (FpDevice *dev, FpPrint *match, FpPrint *print,
if (match)
g_autoptr(FpPrint) matched_print = g_object_ref (match);
char date_str[128] = {};
identify_data->ret_value = EXIT_SUCCESS;
if (fp_print_get_enroll_date (match))
if (fp_print_get_device_stored (match))
FpPrint *stored_print = get_stored_print (dev, match);
if (stored_print)
matched_print = g_steal_pointer (&stored_print);
if (fp_print_get_enroll_date (matched_print))
g_date_strftime (date_str, G_N_ELEMENTS (date_str), "%Y-%m-%d\0",
fp_print_get_enroll_date (match));
fp_print_get_enroll_date (matched_print));
strcpy (date_str, "<unknown>");
g_debug ("Identify report: device %s matched finger %s successfully "
"with print '%s', enrolled on date %s by user %s",
fp_device_get_name (dev),
finger_to_string (fp_print_get_finger (match)),
fp_print_get_description (match), date_str,
fp_print_get_username (match));
finger_to_string (fp_print_get_finger (matched_print)),
fp_print_get_description (matched_print), date_str,
fp_print_get_username (matched_print));
g_print ("IDENTIFIED!\n");
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