Commit 7d095651 authored by Benjamin Berg's avatar Benjamin Berg Committed by Marco Trevisan
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upekts: Remove duplicated err handling path

Closes: #342
parent 2b7cfa75
......@@ -527,15 +527,6 @@ initsm_read_msg_response_cb (FpiSsm *ssm,
fpi_device_error_new_msg (FP_DEVICE_ERROR_PROTO,
"Unexpected response subcommand"));
else if (seq != upekdev->seq)
fp_err ("expected response to cmd seq=%02x, got response to %02x "
"in state %d", upekdev->seq, seq,
fpi_ssm_get_cur_state (ssm));
fpi_ssm_mark_failed (ssm,
fpi_device_error_new_msg (FP_DEVICE_ERROR_PROTO,
"Unexpected sequence number in response"));
fpi_ssm_next_state (ssm);
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