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    meson: Do not support drivers known to fail in Big Endian archs · 99c269b3
    Marco Trevisan authored
    When building in big endian architectures some device tests will fail,
    as per this we're pretty sure that most of the drivers are not ready
    to work in big-endian architectures.
    Since we're aware of this, better to just stop supporting those drivers
    instead of having each distribution to handle the problem.
    So, add a list of supported drivers that is filled depending the
    architecture type we're building on. Keep continue building those
    drivers since we want to at least test-build them, but do not expose
    them as libfprint drivers, so if a device in the system uses any of them
    will be ignored.
    At the same time, we keep track of the problem, so that we can fix the
    Related to #236
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