1. 19 Nov, 2020 2 commits
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      delete the Icelandic 'nodeadkeys' variant, as it lacks essential symbols · bb10be1e
      Benno Schulenberg authored
      With this variant, four symbols (ð - _ ?) are untypable.  It does have
      an apostrophe (unlike the deleted "Sun dead keys" variant), but that
      hardly makes this layout any more usable.  Just scrap it.
      (Furthermore, the comment says "to not have any dead keys", but the
      layout keeps the 'dead_belowdot' on level 3 of AB10, even though it
      replaces 'dead_abovedot' on level 4 with a plain 'abovedot'.  When
      keeping the 'dead_belowdot', why not also keep the 'dead_abovedot'?
      Especially since there are no compose sequences with 'abovedot' --
      the symbol cannot be used for anything but itself.  It has no use.)
      Signed-off-by: Benno Schulenberg's avatarBenno Schulenberg <bensberg@telfort.nl>
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      delete Icelandic "Sun dead keys" variant that lacks essential symbols · 0a47a272
      Benno Schulenberg authored
      The "Sun dead keys" variant for Icelandic adds the umlauted letters for
      German (Ä, Ö, Ü) to the layout.  But Ä and Ü are not used in Icelandic,
      and Ö is already there, on AE11, now duplicated on AC10.  Furthermore,
      it *removes* the ETH and AE letters that are needed in Icelandic from
      the lower levels, moves the often-used (on 5.8 percent of the letters)
      dead acute accent from the comfortable AC11 to the uncomfortable AE12,
      and also *removes* the minus, underscore, apostrophe, and question mark!
      A layout where one cannot ask questions, cannot hyphenate words, cannot
      apostrophize, and cannot type the essential letter ð (and æ only on the
      third level), is useless.  Simply delete this botched variant.
      Signed-off-by: Benno Schulenberg's avatarBenno Schulenberg <bensberg@telfort.nl>
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      symbols/eu: restore endash and emdash on upper levels of minus key · 2d9cddfc
      Benno Schulenberg authored
      These dashes were put there in January 2019, not conforming to any
      upstream version from Brüntjen.  Arguably emdash (—) and endash (–)
      are more useful for writing text than the cute ✓ and ✗ symbols.
      Also, the xkeyboard-config version of the eu layout has diverged from
      Brüntjen's version anyway, by keeping eth (ð) instead of replacing it
      with dstroke (đ), thus staying consistent with having thorn (þ) too.
      Fixes #231.
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