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    • Werner Lemberg's avatar
      · febe3fbe
      Werner Lemberg authored
      A first check of FT2's Make system.  Many smaller and larger bugs have been
      . Removing unused variables.
      . detect.mk files now must provide $(CONFIG_FILE) and not $(CONFIG_RULE).
      . ansi.mk will now be really used as a fallback if the detect mechanism
      . ANSIFLAGS will now be really used (fixing a typo).
      . `make clean' now works (again two typos).
      . Detection of gcc on Unix has been fixed (using the `-v' option instead of
      . `make devel' now works (on Unix).
      . Fixing *again* a bug in demos/graph/x11/rules.mk to allow multiple use
        of `-L' compiler options.
      . $(BASE_H) now contains a few more header files.
      As usual, a lot of formatting (not finished yet).
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    • David Turner's avatar
      A major refresh of the TrueType driver : · 8f43c714
      David Turner authored
      - some #ifdefs were included in order to _not_
        compile support for the bytecode interpreter
        is not defined in "ttconfig.h"
      - the glyph loader has been seriously re-designed. It is now
        smaller, simpler and should load composites a bit faster
      - works with the TrueType debugger
  16. 27 Jan, 2000 1 commit
    • David Turner's avatar
      many new small, but important, changes there: · d42c68e8
      David Turner authored
        - modified the interface of the "sfnt" module. There is now a function
          called "load_format_tag", and another called "load_directory".
          The first one is in charge of returning the 4-byte tag located at
          the beginning of a given font file. It understand TrueType collections
          and parses them automatically
          The second loads the table directory that is located just after
          the format tag.
          This is useful, because the "SFNT" storage scheme can be used by
          several distinct formats, each with its own format tag.
          The TrueType driver now checks the format tag in "src/truetype/ttobjs.c"
        - made some changes to "src/shared/t1types.h" to clearly separate the
          Type 1 font content from the rest of the T1_Face structure. This
          will be useful when adding the CFF/Type2 driver that will be able
          to reuse the "T1_Font" structure within a "TT_Font" one (which
          really describes a SFNT-based font file).
          Some changes in "src/type1" were thus performed to reflect this.
          Note that the current type1 driver will be discontinued in a
          distant future. More on this later..
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    • Werner Lemberg's avatar
      · f697866e
      Werner Lemberg authored
      Bugfix: prep table is optional.
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  21. 29 Dec, 1999 1 commit
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      Added the rules files `module.mk' to "sfnt", "truetype" and "type1" to · 10effdf6
      David Turner authored
      reflect the new modules/drivers list management performed through the
      file `freetype2/config/modules.mk'
      Changed the driver header files to reflect the new modules/drivers
      list management. We get rid, at last, of the infamous pre-processor
      tricks used to build the list at compile time.
      `src/base/ftinit.c' is also modified to reflect the changes..
  22. 16 Dec, 1999 1 commit