1. 25 Jul, 2003 3 commits
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      · 940f5aba
      Werner Lemberg authored
      (code_header, code_footer): Don't change font colour directly but
      use a special <pre> class.
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      · e7df0f90
      Werner Lemberg authored
      Make reference valid HTML 4.01 transitional.
      * src/tools/docmaker/tohtml.py (html_header_1): Add doctype
      and charset.
      (html_header_2): Fix style elements and add some more.
      Fix syntax.
      (block_header, block_footer, description_header, description_footer,
      marker_header, marker_footer, source_header, source_footer,
      chapter_header, chapter_footer): Don't use <center>...</center> but
      `align=center' table attribute.
      Use double quotes around table widths given in percent.
      (keyword_prefix, keyword_suffix): Don't change font colour directly
      but use a new <span> class.
      (section_synopsis_header, section_synopsis_footer): Don't change
      (print_html_field): <tr> gets the `valign' attribute, not <table>.
      (print_html_field_list): Ditto.
      (index_exit): Don't use <center>...</center> but `align=center'
      table attribute.
      (toc_exit, section_enter): Ditto.
      (block_enter): Use <h4><a>, not <a><h4>.
      This change reimplements fix from 2003-05-30 without breaking
      binary compatibility.
      * include/freetype/t1tables.h (PS_FontInfoRec): `italic_angle',
      `is_fixed_pitch', `underline_position', `underline_thickness' are
      reverted to be normal values.
      * include/freetype/internal/psaux.h (T1_FieldType): Remove
      T1_FIELD_FIXED_1000_P): Removed.
      (T1_FIELD_TYPE_BOOL): Renamed to...
      (T1_FIELD_BOOL): New macro.  Updated all callers.
      * src/type42/t42parse.c: `italic_angle', `is_fixed_pitch',
      `underline_position', `underline_thickness', `paint_type',
      `stroke_width' are reverted to be normal values.
      (T42_KEYWORD_COUNT): New macro.
      (t42_parse_dict): New array `keyword_flags' to mark that a value has
      already been assigned to a dictionary entry.
      * src/type42/t42objs.c (T42_Face_Init, T42_Face_Done): Updated.
      * src/cid/cidtoken.h: `italic_angle', `is_fixed_pitch',
      `underline_position', `underline_thickness' are reverted to be
      normal values.
      * src/cid/cidobjs.c (cid_face_done, cid_face_init): Updated.
      * src/psaux/psobjs.c (ps_parser_load_field): Updated.
      * src/type1/t1tokens.h: `italic_angle', `is_fixed_pitch',
      `underline_position', `underline_thickness', `paint_type',
      `stroke_width' are reverted to be normal values.
      * src/type1/t1objs.c (T1_Face_Done, T1_Face_Init): Updated.
      * src/type1/t1load.c (T1_FIELD_COUNT): New macro.
      (parse_dict): Add parameter for keyword flags.
      Record only first instance of a field.
      (T1_Open_Face): New array `keyword_flags'.
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      · 083aec66
      Werner Lemberg authored
      * include/freetype/freetype.h (FREETYPE_PATCH): Set to 5.
      * builds/unix/configure.ac (version_info): Set to 10:0:3.
      * builds/unix/configure: Updated.
      * builds/freetype.mk (refdoc): Fix --title.
      * docs/CHANGES, docs/VERSION.DLL, README: Updated.
      * src/tools/docmaker/sources.py (re_crossref): Fix regular
      expression to handle trailing punctuation characters.
      * src/tools/docmaker/tohtml.py (make_html_word): Updated.
      * docs/release: New file.
  2. 24 Jul, 2003 1 commit
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      · 3543ad61
      Werner Lemberg authored
      * include/freetype/internal/psaux.h (PS_Parser_FuncsRec): New
      member function `to_bytes'.
      * src/psaux/psauxmod.c (ps_parser_funcs): New member
      (psaux_module_class): Increase version to 0x20000L.
      * src/psaux/psobjs.c (IS_T1_LINESPACE): Add \f.
      (IS_T1_NULLSPACE): New macro.
      (IS_T1_SPACE): Add it.
      (skip_spaces, skip_alpha): New functions.
      (ps_parser_skip_spaces, ps_parser_skip_alpha): Use them.
      (ps_tobytes, ps_parser_to_bytes): New functions.
  3. 09 Jul, 2003 4 commits
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      · d62e6432
      Werner Lemberg authored
      New file.
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      dummy files · 50c1fec2
      Werner Lemberg authored
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      Initial revision · 9df34623
      Werner Lemberg authored
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      · a3d21b81
      Werner Lemberg authored
      * builds/freetype.mk (DOC_DIR): New variable.
      (refdoc): Use *_DIR variables.
      (distclean): Remove documentation files.
      * builds/detect.mk (std_setup, dos_setup): Mention `make refdoc'.
      * configure: Set DOC_DIR variable.
      * builds/freetype.mk (refdoc): New target to build the
      (.PHONY): Updated.
      * include/freetype/freetype.h: Improve documentation of FT_CharMap.
      * include/freetype/ftimage,h: Fix documentation of FT_OUTLINE_FLAGS.
      * include/freetype/tttables.h: Document FT_Sfnt_Tag.
  4. 07 Jul, 2003 1 commit
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      · 27a825e5
      Werner Lemberg authored
      * src/bdf/bdfdrivr.c (BDF_Face_Init), src/pcf/pcfread.c
      (pcf_load_font): Fix computation of height if PIXEL_SIZE property is
  5. 05 Jul, 2003 1 commit
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      · 5a79a463
      Werner Lemberg authored
  6. 03 Jul, 2003 1 commit
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      · c8cbf832
      Werner Lemberg authored
      formatting, improving documentation
  7. 02 Jul, 2003 1 commit
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      · 3d6ad172
      Werner Lemberg authored
      * src/cache/ftcsbits.c (ftc_sbit_node_compare): Only add `size' if
      there is no error.  Reported by Knut St. Osmundsen
  8. 01 Jul, 2003 1 commit
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      · a9c7e677
      Werner Lemberg authored
      A new try to synchronize bitmap font access.
      include/freetype/freetype.h (FT_Bitmap_Size): `height' is now
      defined to return the baseline-to-baseline distance.  This was
      already the value returned by the BDF and PCF drivers.
      The `width' field now gives the average width.  I wasn't able to
      find something better.  It should be taken as informative only.
      New fields `size', `x_ppem', and `y_ppem'.
      * src/pcf/pcfread.c (pcf_load_font): Updated to properly fill
      Do proper rounding and conversion from 72.27 to 72 points.
      * src/bdf/bdfdrivr.c (BDF_Face_Init): Updated to properly fill
      Do proper rounding and conversion from 72.27 to 72 points.
      * src/sfnt/sfobjs.c (sfnt_load_face): Updated to properly fill
      * src/winfonts/winfnt.c (FNT_Face_Init): Updated to properly fill
      Redesigning the FNT driver to return multiple faces, not multiple
      strikes.  At least one font (app850.fon from WinME) contains
      different FNT charmaps for its subfonts.  Consequently, the previous
      design of having multiple bitmap strikes in a single font face fails
      since we have only one charmap per face.
      * include/freetype/internal/fnttypes.h (FNT_Size_Rec): Removed.
      (FNT_FaceRec): Remove `num_fonts' field and replace `fonts' with
      * src/base/ftwinfnt.c (FT_Get_WinFNT_Header): Updated.
      * src/winfonts/winfnt.c (fnt_font_load): Don't set pixel_width equal
      to pixel_height.
      (fnt_face_done_fonts): Removed.
      (fnt_face_get_dll_fonts): Renamed to...
      (fnt_face_get_dll_font): This.  Add second function argument to
      select face index.
      Updated to load just one subfont.
      (fnt_font_done, FNT_Face_Done): Updated.
      (FNT_Face_Init): Handle `face_index'.
      (FNT_Size_Set_Pixels): Simplified; similar to BDF and PCF, the
      bitmap width is now ignored.
      (FNT_Load_Glyph): Updated.
      Fix glyph index computation.
      (winfnt_driver_class): Updated.
  9. 30 Jun, 2003 1 commit
  10. 25 Jun, 2003 1 commit
    • Werner Lemberg's avatar
      · 64557805
      Werner Lemberg authored
      * src/cff/cffdrivr.c (cff_get_glyph_name): Protect agains zero
      glyph name pointer.  Reported by Mikey Anbary <manbary@vizrt.com>.
  11. 23 Jun, 2003 1 commit
    • Werner Lemberg's avatar
      · 1d5cb2c4
      Werner Lemberg authored
      * src/tools/glnames.py: Updated to AGL 2.0.
      * src/psnames/pstables.h: Regenerated.
      * include/freetype/cache/ftcglyph.h, include/freetype/ttnameid.h,
      src/base/ftcalc.c, src/base/fttrigon.c, src/cff/cffgload.c,
      src/otlayout/otlgsub.c, src/pshinter/pshrec.c,
      src/psnames/psmodule.c, src/sfnt/sfobjs.c, src/truetype/ttdriver.c:
      Decorate constants with `U' and `L' if appropriate.
      * include/freetype/ftmoderr.h: Updated to include recent module
      * src/pshinter/pshnterr.h (FT_ERR_BASE): Define as
      * src/type42/t42error.h (FT_ERR_BASE): Define as
      * src/pshinter/pshrec.h (PS_HINTS_MAGIC): Removed.  Not used.
      * include/freetype/config/ftconfig.h [__MWERKS__]: Define FT_LONG64
      and FT_INT64.
  12. 22 Jun, 2003 2 commits
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      *** empty log message *** · 5049b3fc
      Werner Lemberg authored
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      · 949bca55
      Werner Lemberg authored
      * src/winfonts/winfnt.c (FNT_Load_Glyph): Use first_char in
      computation of glyph_index.
      (FNT_Size_Set_Pixels): To find a strike, first check pixel_height
      only, then try to find a better hit by comparing pixel_width also.
      Without this fix it isn't possible to access all strikes.
      Also compute metrics.max_advance to be in sync with other bitmap
      * src/base/ftobjs.c (FT_Set_Char_Size): Remove redundant code.
      (FT_Set_Pixel_Size): Assign value to `metrics' after validation of
      Synchronize computation of height and width for bitmap strikes.  The
      `width' field in the FT_Bitmap_Size structure is now only useful to
      enumerate different strikes.  The `max_advance' field of the
      FT_Size_Metrics structure should be used to get the (maximum) width
      of a strike.
      * src/bdf/bdfdrivr.c (BDF_Face_Init): Don't use AVERAGE_WIDTH for
      computing `available_sizes->width' but make it always equal to
      * src/pcf/pcfread.c (pcf_load_font): Don't use RESOLUTION_X for
      computing `available_sizes->width' but make it always equal to
      * src/truetype/ttdriver.c (Set_Pixel_Sizes): Pass only single
      argument to function.
      * src/psnames/psmodule.c (ps_unicode_value): Handle `.' after
      `uniXXXX' and `uXXXX[X[X]]'.
      * src/bdf/bdfdrivr.c: s/FT_Err_/BDF_Err/.
      * src/cache/ftccache.c, src/cache/ftcsbits.c, src/cache/ftlru.c:
      * src/cff/cffcmap.c: s/FT_Err_/CFF_Err_/.
      * src/pcf/pcfdrivr.c: s/FT_Err_/PCF_Err_/.
      * src/psaux/t1cmap.c: Include psauxerr.h.
      * src/pshinter/pshnterr.h: New file.
      * src/pshinter/rules.mk: Updated.
      * src/pshinter/pshalgo.c, src/pshinter/pshrec.c: Include pshnterr.h.
      * src/pfr/pfrdrivr.c, src/pfr/pfrobjs.c, src/pfr/pfrsbit.c:
      * src/sfnt/sfdriver.c, src/sfnt/sfobjs.c, src/sfnt/ttcmap0.c,
      src/sfnt/ttload.c: s/FT_Err_/SFNT_Err_/.
      * src/truetype/ttgload.c: s/FT_Err_/TT_Err_/.
      * src/gzip/ftgzip.c: Load FT_MODULE_ERRORS_H and define
  13. 20 Jun, 2003 2 commits
    • Werner Lemberg's avatar
      · ad6e67f0
      Werner Lemberg authored
      * src/cff/cffload (cff_encoding_load): `nleft' must be FT_UInt,
      otherwise adding 1 might wrap the result.
    • Werner Lemberg's avatar
      · 8048e39c
      Werner Lemberg authored
      * src/psnames/psmodule.c (ps_unicode_value): Add support to
      recognize `uXXXX[X[X]]' glyph names.
      Don't handle glyph names starting with `uni' which have more than
      four digits.
  14. 18 Jun, 2003 2 commits
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      · c2452e76
      Werner Lemberg authored
    • Werner Lemberg's avatar
      · 8575434b
      Werner Lemberg authored
      * include/freetype/freetype.h (FT_Open_Flags): Replaced with
      #defines for the constants.
      (FT_Open_Args): Change type of `flags' to FT_UInt.
      (FT_GlyphSlot): Move `flags' to FT_Slot_Internal.
      * include/freetype/ftimage.h (FT_Outline_Flags, FT_Raster_Flag):
      Replaced with #defines for the constants.
      * include/freetype/internal/ftobjs.h (FT_Slot_Internal): New
      field `flags' (from FT_GlyphSlot).
      Updated all affected source files.
      (FT_GLYPH_OWN_BITMAP): New macro (from ftgloadr.h).
      * include/freetype/internal/ftgloadr.h (FT_GLYPH_OWN_BITMAP): Moved
      to ftobjs.h.
      * src/base/ftglyph.c (FT_Glyph_To_Bitmap): Use dummy
      FT_GlyphSlot_Internal object.
  15. 17 Jun, 2003 2 commits
    • Werner Lemberg's avatar
      · 7ee7894a
      Werner Lemberg authored
      * builds/compiler/gcc.mk, builds/compiler/gcc-dev.mk (CFLAGS):
      Add -fno-strict-aliasing to get rid of zillion warnings from gcc
      version 3.3.
    • Werner Lemberg's avatar
      · e847caa3
      Werner Lemberg authored
      * include/freetype/ftglyph.h (ft_glyph_bbox_unscaled,
      ft_glyph_bbox_subpixels, ft_glyph_bbox_gridfit,
      ft_glyph_bbox_truncate, ft_glyph_bbox_pixels): Replaced with
      The lowercase variants are now (deprecated aliases) to the uppercase
      Updated all other files.
      * include/freetype/ftmodule.h (ft_module_font_driver,
      ft_module_renderer, ft_module_hinter, ft_module_styler,
      ft_module_driver_scalable, ft_module_driver_no_outlines,
      ft_module_driver_has_hinter): Replaced with FT_MODULE_FONT_DRIVER,
      The lowercase variants are now (deprecated aliases) to the uppercase
      Updated all other files.
      * src/base/ftglyph.c (FT_Glyph_Get_CBox): Handle bbox_mode better
      as enumeration.
      * src/pcf/pcfdrivr.c (pcf_driver_class), src/winfonts/winfnt.c
      (winfnt_driver_class), src/bdf/bdfdrivr.c (bdf_driver_class): Add
  16. 14 Jun, 2003 2 commits
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      · 09752876
      Werner Lemberg authored
      Minor documentation typos.
    • Werner Lemberg's avatar
      · 29f8e355
      Werner Lemberg authored
      * src/pfr/pfrobjs.c (pfr_slot_load): Apply font matrix.
      * src/cid/cidload.c: Remove parse_font_bbox code (already enclosed
      with #if 0 ... #endif).
      * src/type1/t1tokens.h: Handle /FontName.
      * src/type1/t1load.c (parse_font_name): Removed.
      Remove parse_font_bbox code (already enclosed with #if 0 ...
      * src/type42/t42parse.c (t42_parse_font_name): Removed.
      Remove t42_parse_font_bbox code (already enclosed with #if 0 ...
      (t42_keywords): Handle /FontName with T1_FIELD_KEY.
  17. 13 Jun, 2003 1 commit
    • Werner Lemberg's avatar
      · 142d6f35
      Werner Lemberg authored
      * builds/dos/detect.mk: Test not only for `Dos' but for `DOS' also.
      * builds/dos/dos-emx.mk, builds/compiler/emx.mk: New files for
      EMX gcc compiler.
      * builds/dos/detect.mk: Add target `emx'.
      * builds/compiler/watcom.mk (LINK_LIBRARY): GNU Make for DOS doesn't
      like a trailing semicolon; add a dummy command.
  18. 12 Jun, 2003 3 commits
    • Werner Lemberg's avatar
      · 8934eb01
      Werner Lemberg authored
      * include/freetype/internal/psaux.h (T1_FieldType): Add
      (T1_FIELD_KEY): New macro.
      * src/psaux/psobjs.c (ps_parser_load_field): Handle
      * src/cid/cidtoken.h: Use T1_FIELD_KEY for /CIDFontName.
      * src/cache/ftlru.c (FT_LruList_Remove_Selection): Decrease
      number of nodes.
      (FT_LruList_Lookup): Fix assertion for out-of-memory case.
    • Werner Lemberg's avatar
      · 3064272c
      Werner Lemberg authored
      * src/cid/cidload.c (cid_decrypt): Removed.
      (cid_read_subrs): Use t1_decrypt from psaux module.
      * src/cid/cidload.h: Updated.
      * src/cid/cidgload.c (cid_load_glyph): Use t1_decrypt from psaux
    • Werner Lemberg's avatar
      · e398340d
      Werner Lemberg authored
      * src/cid/cidobjs.c: Apply change 2003-05-31 from <Ron.Dev@gmx.de>.
      Compute style flags.
      Fix computation of root->height.
      * src/cid/cidtoken.h: Handle FontBBox.
      * src/cid/cidload.c (cid_load_keyword): Handle
      (parse_font_bbox): Commented out.
      (cid_field_record): Comment out element for parsing FontBBox.
      * src/type42/t42parse.c (t42_parse_font_bbox): Commented out.
      (t42_keywords): Handle FontBBox with T1_FIELD_BBOX, not with
      (t42_parse_font_bbox): Commented out.
      (t42_load_keyword): Handle T1_FIELD_LOCATION_BBOX.
      * src/type42/t42objs.c (T42_Face_Init): Apply change 2003-05-31
      from <Ron.Dev@gmx.de>.
  19. 10 Jun, 2003 1 commit
    • Werner Lemberg's avatar
      · edb31ca7
      Werner Lemberg authored
      * src/truetype/ttinterp.c (SetSuperRound) <0x30>: Follow Apple's
      TrueType specification.
      (Ins_MDRP, Ins_MIRP): Fix single width cut-in test.
  20. 09 Jun, 2003 3 commits
    • Werner Lemberg's avatar
      · 4e9526d6
      Werner Lemberg authored
      * src/gzip/ftgzip.c: (inflate_mask): Replaced with...
      (NO_INFLATE_MASK): This.
      * src/gzip/infutil.h: Declare `inflate_mask' conditionally by
    • Werner Lemberg's avatar
      · 02b2fa64
      Werner Lemberg authored
      * src/gzip/ftgzip.c (ft_gzip_file_fill_output): Handle Z_STREAM_END
      * src/pshinter/pshglob.c (psh_globals_new): Change calculation of
      dim->stdw.count to avoid compiler problem.
      * src/truetype/ttgload.c (TT_Load_Simple_Glyph): Move the block
      variables to the beginning of the function to avoid compiler
      Add casts necessary for 16bit compilers.
      * src/pfr/rules.mk (PFR_DRV_SRC): Add pfrsbit.c.
      (PFR_DRV_H): Add pfrtypes.h.
      * include/freetype/config/ftconfig.h: s/__MWKS__/__MWERKS__/.
      * src/pfr/pfrsbit.c (pfr_bitwriter_init): Change type of third
      argument to FT_Bool.
      (pfr_lookup_bitmap_data): Change type of third and fourth argument
      to FT_UInt.  Updated caller.
      (pfr_load_bitmap_bits): Change type of fourth argument to FT_Bool.
    • Werner Lemberg's avatar
      · 0f19a8b5
      Werner Lemberg authored
      Completely revised FreeType's make management.
      . In all makefiles `/' is used as the path separator.  The
        conversion to the real path separators is done as late as
        possible using $(subst ...).
      . $(HOSTSEP) no longer exists.  Now, $(SEP) gives the path separator
        for the operating system, and the new $(COMPILER_SEP) the path
        separator for the compiler tools.
      . $(BUILD) has been renamed to $(BUILD_DIR).  In general, all
        directory variables end with `_DIR'.  The variants ending in `_'
        (like `BASE_' have been removed).
      The following ChangeLog entries only describe changes which are
      not related to the redesign.
      * builds/beos/beos-def.mk (BUILD_DIR): Fix typo.
      * builds/compiler/watcom.mk (LINK_LIBRARY): Fix linker call to avoid
      overlong arguments as suggested by J. Ali Harlow
      * builds/dos/dos-wat.mk: New file.
      * builds/freetype.mk (FREETYPE_H): Include header files from the
      `devel' subdirectory.
      * builds/os2/os2-dev.mk, builds/unix/unixddef.mk,
      builds/unix/unixddef.mk, builds/win32/w32-bccd.mk,
      builds/win32/w32-dev.mk (BUILD_DIR): Fix path.
      * builds/unix/configure.ac, builds/unic/configure: Updated.
      * builds/unix/unix-def.in (DISTCLEAN): Add `freetype2.pc'.
      * devel/ftoption.h: Updated.
  21. 08 Jun, 2003 1 commit
  22. 07 Jun, 2003 2 commits
    • Werner Lemberg's avatar
      · a2a1a66d
      Werner Lemberg authored
      * src/base/ftmac.c (FT_New_Face_From_SFNT): s/rlen/sfnt_size/ to
      make it compile.
      * include/freetype/internal/psaux.h, src/truetype/ttgload.h:
      s/index/idx/ to fix compiler warnings.
      * src/sfnt/ttcmap0.c (tt_face_build_cmaps): Use more `volatile' to
      fix compiler warning.
      * src/gzip/ftgzip.c (BUILDFIXED): Removed.
      * src/gzip/inftrees.c (inflate_trees_fixed) [!BUILDFIXED]: Use
      FT_UNUSED to remove compiler warning.
    • Werner Lemberg's avatar
      · 63ce99a0
      Werner Lemberg authored
      * include/freetype/ftstroker.h: Renamed to...
      * include/freetype/ftstroke.h: This.
      * src/base/ftstroker.c: Renamed to...
      * src/base/ftstroke.c: This.
      * include/freetype/config/ftheader.h (FT_STROKER_H): Updated.
      * src/base/descrip.mms, src/base/Jamfile, src/base/rules.mk:
      * src/pcf/pcfdriver.c: Renamed to...
      * src/pcf/pcfdrivr.c: This.
      * src/pcf/pcfdriver.h: Renamed to...
      * src/pcf/pcfdrivr.h: This.
      * src/pcf/Jamfile, src/pcf/rules.mk: Updated.
  23. 06 Jun, 2003 2 commits
    • Werner Lemberg's avatar
      · 1f6cbfd6
      Werner Lemberg authored
      * src/base/ftmac.c (file_spec_from_path) [TARGET_API_MAC_CARBON]:
      Add `#if !defined(__MWERKS__)'.
    • Werner Lemberg's avatar
      · 31d783b1
      Werner Lemberg authored
      * include/freetype/internal/psaux.h (T1_FieldType): Add
      T1_FIELD_TYPE_FIXED_1000 and T1_FIELD_TYPE_FIXED_1000_P.
      (T1_FIELD_FIXED_1000, T1_FIELD_FIXED_1000_P): New macros.
      * src/psaux/psobjs.c (ps_parser_load_field): Handle
      T1_FIELD_TYPE_FIXED_1000 and T1_FIELD_TYPE_FIXED_1000_P.
      * src/cff/cffparse.c (cff_kind_fixed_thousand): New enumeration.
      (CFF_FIELD_FIXED_1000): New macro.
      (cff_parser_run): Handle cff_kind_fixed_thousand.
      * src/cff/cfftoken.h: Use CFF_FIELD_FIXED_1000 for blue_scale.
      * src/cff/cffload (cff_subfont_load): Fix default values of
      expansion_factor and blue_scale.
      * src/cif/cidtoken.h, src/type1/t1tokens.h: Use T1_FIELD_FIXED_1000
      for blue_scale.
      * src/pshinter/pshglob.c (psh_globals_new): Fix default value of
  24. 05 Jun, 2003 1 commit
    • Werner Lemberg's avatar
      · 3c63bf28
      Werner Lemberg authored
      * include/freetype/internal/ftdriver.h,
      include/freetype/internal/psaux.h, src/cid/cidgload.c,
      src/psaux/psobjs.c, src/psaux/t1decode.c, src/psaux/psobjs.h,
      src/pshinter/pshrec.c, src/pshinter/pshalgo.c,
      src/psnames/psmodule.c, src/raster/ftraster.c, src/sfnt/sfobjs.c,
      src/smooth/ftgrays.c, src/smooth/ftsmooth.c, src/truetype/ttobjs.c,
      src/truetype/ttdriver.c, src/truetype/ttgload.c, src/type1/t1afm.c,
      src/type1/t1gload.c, src/type1/t1gload.h, src/type1/t1load.c,
      src/type1/t1objs.c, src/type42/t42parse.c, src/type42/t42parse.h:
      Many casts and slight argument type changes to make it work with
      a 16bit compiler.