1. 14 Apr, 2000 1 commit
  2. 10 Apr, 2000 5 commits
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      · 7ae268a2
      Werner Lemberg authored
      Fixed a compiler warning.
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      · 69e010fd
      Werner Lemberg authored
      Removed compiler warnings.
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      · 32a53b22
      Werner Lemberg authored
      Adding LDFLAGS.  I don't know yet a good solution (within GNU make) to
      test whether -lm is needed or not...  It's time to use autoconf!
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      · c83bfdd5
      Werner Lemberg authored
      Adding string.h
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      Added pre-liminary autoconf support files for Unix. Note that these don't work · 521e2bc8
      David Turner authored
      correctly for now and will be updated later. They are currently ignored by the
      build system.
      You can however run `autoconf' when in "freetype2/config/unix" to generate
      the `configure' script there.
      Then, launch `configure' while in "config/unix". This will generate the
      following files:
        - ftconfig.h
        - unix.mk
        - libtool
      copy "unix.mk" to "freetype2/config.mk", then run make from the top-level
      Note that for now, these file compile the library (with libtool). However,
      installing isn't supported yet, as well as compiling the demo programs..
  3. 04 Apr, 2000 3 commits
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      a small improvement to the Type 1 hinter, that · 90a36c55
      David Turner authored
      comes from research with the auto-hinter. Nothing
      fancy but gets rid of the un-normalized widths :-)
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      formatting, and remove the "interface" identifier · 46ab6331
      David Turner authored
      that causes problems with MS C++
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      Consider the smooth renderer completed ! It will probably · ea10fbf9
      David Turner authored
      be moved to "freetype2/src/base" soon and become part
      of the library.
      changes include:
        - fixed a bug which prevented large spans being drawn correctly.
        - now renders large glyphs that overflow the render pool.
        - various performance enhancements. the renderer now
          renders large glyphs with much greater  speed :-)
        - also faster with small glyphs ..
      future plans:
        - fix a vertical-dropout bug in the standard raster (b&w)
        - write a demonstration program to demonstrate direct
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