1. 17 Mar, 2000 8 commits
  2. 13 Mar, 2000 9 commits
  3. 09 Mar, 2000 1 commit
  4. 08 Mar, 2000 1 commit
  5. 06 Mar, 2000 3 commits
  6. 05 Mar, 2000 5 commits
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      fixed typo in comment · 80f4b060
      Just van Rossum authored
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      - ft_new_input_stream: don't make a new copy of the pathname · 7eef5364
      Just van Rossum authored
      - ft_done_stream: remove the FREE(pathname) call, which wasn't
      - FT_Open_Face: after calling open_face, don't assume driver is
        the same as face->driver, use face->driver instead
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      formatting: some tabs replaced by spaces · 59d8ac46
      Just van Rossum authored
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      · febe3fbe
      Werner Lemberg authored
      A first check of FT2's Make system.  Many smaller and larger bugs have been
      . Removing unused variables.
      . detect.mk files now must provide $(CONFIG_FILE) and not $(CONFIG_RULE).
      . ansi.mk will now be really used as a fallback if the detect mechanism
      . ANSIFLAGS will now be really used (fixing a typo).
      . `make clean' now works (again two typos).
      . Detection of gcc on Unix has been fixed (using the `-v' option instead of
      . `make devel' now works (on Unix).
      . Fixing *again* a bug in demos/graph/x11/rules.mk to allow multiple use
        of `-L' compiler options.
      . $(BASE_H) now contains a few more header files.
      As usual, a lot of formatting (not finished yet).
  7. 02 Mar, 2000 13 commits