Commit a1040016 authored by David Turner's avatar David Turner
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moved INSTALL to docs/INSTALL to get rid of conflicts with the "install"

script on Windows (where the file system doesn't preserve CASE)
parent 8ac794cf
2002-01-30 David Turner <>
* INSTALL, docs/INSTALL: moved the INSTALL document from the top
level directory to "docs". That's because it conflicts with the
"install" script on Windows, where the filesystem doesn't
preserve case.
2002-01-29 David Turner <>
* configure: fixed the script. it previously didn't accept more
......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@
Please read the docs/CHANGES file, it contains IMPORTANT
Read the files "INSTALL" or "docs/BUILD" for installation
Read the files "docs/INSTALL" or "docs/BUILD" for installation
Note that the FreeType 2 documentation is now available as a
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