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added 'configure' and 'install' wrapper scripts to make the

installation process more Unix-friendly :-)
parent 6456a92e
2002-01-08 David Turner <>
* configure, install: added some wrapper scripts to make
the installation more Unix-friendly..
* INSTALL, README.UNX: updated installation documentation
to use the new 'configure' and 'install' scripts..
Oh my.., why didn't we do that before the 2.0.6 release :-)
2002-01-07 David Turner <>
* Version 2.0.6 released.
* docs/BUGS, docs/CHANGES: updating documentation for 2.0.6 release
* src/tools/ fixed HTML quoting in sources
......@@ -2,11 +2,31 @@ In order to build the library, read the `BUILD' document in the `docs'
directory. This is only a quick starter.
I. From the command line
Simply type:
on the command line to configure, build and install FreeType
on your system. Note that the default installation path is
Please read the file README.UNX, it contains _critical_
information regarding the installation of FreeType on
many Unix systems.
II. From the command line
There are two ways to quickly build FreeType 2 from the command
If you're not on Unix, there are two ways to quickly
build FreeType 2 from the command line.
The first, and favorite one, is to use the "Jam" build tool. Jam is
a highly portable replacement for Make whose control files do not
......@@ -40,7 +60,7 @@ I. From the command line
In later releases of FT2, building shared libraries with Jam
should become automatic.
should become automatic on Unix systems..
2. Building FT2 with "GNU Make"
......@@ -50,9 +50,9 @@ SPECIAL NOTE FOR UNIX USERS
Then, to build and install the library, type:
make setup unix CFG="--prefix=<yourprefix>"
./configure --prefix=<yourprefix>
make install (as root)
./install (as root)
where "<yourprefix>" must be replaced by the prefix returned by
the "freetype-config" command.
......@@ -86,6 +86,11 @@ dnl create the Unix-specific sub-Makefiles `builds/unix/'
dnl and 'builds/unix/' that will be used by the build system
AC_CONFIG_FILES([ freetype-config])
dnl re-generate the Jamfile to use libtool now
dnl end of
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