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updates for the fifth beta

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......@@ -142,7 +142,18 @@ II. COMMAND-LINE COMPILATION:
build system should automatically detect which driver to use based on
the current platform.
When building the demos, the build system tries to detect your X11 path
by looking for the patterns "X11R5/bin", "X11R6/bin" or "X11/bin" in
your current path. If no X11 path is found, the demo programs will not
be able to display graphics and will fail. Change your current path
if you encounter this problem.
Note that the release version will use Autoconf to detect everything
on UNix, so this will not be necessary !!
......@@ -186,7 +197,8 @@ II. DETAILED COMPILATION PROCEDURE:
Note that through careful macro definitions, compiling a module as a single
component avoids the generation of many externals (that really correspond
to intra-module dependencies) and provide greater optimisations possibilities.
to intra-module dependencies) and provides greater optimisations
Similarly, each component has a single "englobing" C file to compile it
as a stand-alone object, i.e. :
......@@ -200,4 +212,6 @@ II. DETAILED COMPILATION PROCEDURE:
Now, you can decide how to compile each module, and add the corresponding
object files to your library..
The directory "freetype2/include" contains all public header files that
may be included by client applications..
LATEST CHANGES - 12-mar-2000
LASTEST CHANGES - 14-apr-2000
- fixed a bug in the TrueType glyph loader that prevented the correct
loading of some CJK glyphs in mingli.ttf
- improved the standard Type 1 hinter in "src/type1"
- fixed two bugs in the experimental Type 1 driver in "src/type1z"
to handle the new XFree86 4.0 fonts (and a few other ones..)
- the smooth renderer is now complete and supports sub-banding
to render large glyphs at high speed. However, it is still located
in "demos/src/ftgrays.c" and should move to the library itself
in the next beta.. NOTE: The smooth renderer doesn't compile in
stand-alone mode anymore, but this should be fixed RSN..
- introduced convenience functions to more easily deal with glyph
images, see "include/ftglyph.h" for more details, as well as the
new demo program named "demos/src/ftstring.c" that demonstrates
its use
- implemented FT_LOAD_NO_RECURSE in both the TrueType and Type 1
drivers (this is required by the auto-hinter to improve its results).
- changed the raster interface, in order to allow client applications
to provide their own span-drawing callbacks. However, only the
smooth renderer supports this. See "FT_Raster_Params" in the
file "include/ftimage.h"
- fixed a small bug in FT_MulFix that caused incorrect transform
computation !!
- Note: The tutorial is out-of-date, grumpf.. :-(
OLD CHANGES - 12-mar-2000
- changed the layout of configuration files : now, all ANSI configuration
files are located in "freetype2/config". System-specific over-rides
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