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    A complete revision of FreeType 2's GNU makefiles (of the library):
      Tons of unnecessary stuff have been removed; only the essential rules
      have been retained.
      The source files now depend on all header files in include/freetype,
      include/freetype/config, and include/freetype/internal.  This is not
      optimal, I know, and I'll try to improve this, but it is better than
      before (namely no dependencies on `internal').
      FTDEBUG_SRC has been added (similar to FTSYS_SRC) -- I don't know
      exactly whether this is really useful, but it doesn't harm.
      There is now more documentation in the makefiles itself.
    io-frames.html: Use of <th>, <code>, and <var> for better tagging.
    Reactivating of FT_DEBUG_LEVEL_xxx macros.
    Added a lot of #include directives to make `multi' builds possible -- note
    that currently the modules cid, t1, and t1z have clashing structures and
    functions which means that you can only use one of these three modules for a
    multi build.
    Added some missing function declarations to (local) header files.
    Renamed some T1_Open_Face() to CID_Open_Face() in the cid module -- a lot
    of other functions should be renamed also...
    Replaced many FT_xxx stuff with T1_xxx in t1z driver -- this isn't finished
    Fixed FT_Free() to allow a NULL pointer without an assertion (this has
    always been a valid assumption in FreeType, at least in FT 1.x).
    A lot of other, minor fixes (mostly documentation).