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    Werner Lemberg authored
    * src/autohint/ahglyph.c (ah_outline_link_segments): Remove unused
    * src/autohint/ahhint.c (ah_align_serif_edge): Use FT_UNUSED instead
    of UNUSED.
    * src/autohint/ahmodule.c (ft_autohinter_reset): Ditto.
    * src/pshinter/pshrec.c (ps_mask_table_merge): Fix typo in variable
    swapping code.
    * src/pshinter/pshglob.h (PSH_Blue_Align): Add PSH_BLUE_ALIGN_NONE.
    * src/pshinter/pshglob.c (psh_blues_snap_stem): Use it.
    * src/pshinter/pshalgo1.c (psh1_hint_table_optimize): Ditto.
    * src/pshinter/pshalgo2.c (psh2_hint_align): Ditto.
    * include/freetype/internal/ftobjs.h (UNUSED): Removed.
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