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    * src/cache/ftccache.i: fixed a bug that prevented compilation in · 8bea7d26
    David Turner authored
            debug mode of template instantiation
            * src/cff/cffparse.c: fixed the CFF table loader. It didn't accept
            empty arrays, and this prevented the loading of certain fonts.
            * src/pshinter/pshalgo2.c, src/pshinter/pshalgo3.c: adding fix to
            prevent seg fault when hints are provided in an empty glyph !!
            * include/freetype/ftimage.h: removed incorrect "zft_" definitions
            and updated constants documentation comments
            * include/freetype/freetype.h (FT_FaceRec): updating documentation
            comment. The "descender" value is always *negative*, not positive !
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