Commit e2bdc0c4 authored by Jan Schmidt's avatar Jan Schmidt Committed by GStreamer Merge Bot

yadif: Re-renable MMX asm on x86_64 with meson

The meson build doesn't automatically set HAVE_CPU_* defines
like autotools did, so the yadif plugin was being built without
the MMX assembler support
parent 1986d4f9
......@@ -4,9 +4,17 @@ yadif_sources = [
local_c_args = gst_plugins_bad_args
# The plugin can build asm extensions
# on x86_64
if host_machine.cpu() == 'x86_64'
local_c_args += ['-DHAVE_CPU_X86_64=1']
gstyadif = library('gstyadif',
c_args : gst_plugins_bad_args,
c_args : local_c_args,
include_directories : [configinc],
dependencies : [gstbase_dep, gstvideo_dep],
install : true,
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