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    • LRN's avatar
      W32: Support cache paths relative to the root directory · f6e6a8a2
      LRN authored
      Paths starting with '/' don't make sense on W32 as-is,
      prepend the installation root directory to them.
      This allows the cache to be contained within a particular
      fontconfig installation (as long as the default
      --with-cache-dir= is overriden at configure time).
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    • Akira TAGOH's avatar
      Improve the performance on searching blanks · 96a3f687
      Akira TAGOH authored
      After the change of d6a5cc66
      we have a lot of code points in FcBlanks. doing the linear search
      on the array isn't comfortable anymore.
      So re-implementing FcBlanksIsMember() to use the binary search.
      Figuring out how much improved after this change depends on
      how many fonts proceed with fc-cache say though, it's about 20 times
      faster here on testing. which sounds good enough for
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    • Behdad Esfahbod's avatar
      Fix symbol cmap handling · d6d5adeb
      Behdad Esfahbod authored
      A while back we removed Apple Roman encoding support.  This broke
      symbol fonts (Wingdings, etc) because those fonts come with two
        1) platform=1,encoding=0, aka Apple Roman, which maps identity,
        2) platform=3,encoding=0, aka MS Symbol font
      Now, the reason the Apple Roman removal "broke" these fonts is
      obvious, and for the better: these fonts were mapping ASCII and
      other Latin chars to symbols.
      The reason the fonts didn't work anymore, however, is that we were
      mishandling the MS symbol-font cmaps.  In their modern incarnation
      they are like regular non-symbol-font cmap that map PUA codepoints
      to symbols.  We want to expose those as such.  Hence, this change
      just removes the special-handling for that.
      Now, the reason this confusion happened, if I was to guess, is either
      that FreeType docs are wrong saying that FT_ENCODING_MS_SYMBOL is
      the "Microsoft Symbol encoding, used to encode mathematical symbols":
      or maybe it started that way, but turned into also mapping MS symbol-
      font cmaps, which is a completely different thing.  At any rate, I
      don't know if there are any fonts that use this thing these days, but
      the code here didn't seem to produce charset for any font.  By now I'm
      convinced that this change is the Right Thing to do.  The MS Symbol
      thing was called AdobeSymbol in our code by the way.
      This fixes the much-reported bug that windings, etc are not usable
      with recent fontconfig:
      Now I see PUA mappings reported for Wingdings.
      This also fixes:
      Bug 48947 - Drop the non-Unicode cmap support gradually
      since the AdobeSymbol was the last non-Unicode cmap we were
      trying to parse (very incorrectly).
      Lots of code around this change can be simplified.  I'll push those
      out (including removing the table itself) in subsequent changes.
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