1. 19 Jul, 2018 1 commit
  2. 25 May, 2018 2 commits
    • Alexander Larsson's avatar
      Cache: Rewrite relocated paths in earlier · c42402d0
      Alexander Larsson authored
      This changes the rewriting of the FC_FILE values for relocated caches to an earlier stage
      while reading the cache. This is better, because it means all APIs will report the
      rewritten paths, not just the once that use the list apis.
      We do this by detecting the relocated case and duplicating the FcPattern and FcPatternElm
      in an cache allocation (which will die with the cache) and then reusing the FcValueLists
      from the cache.
      This means that in the rewritten case we will use some more memory, but not the full
      size of the cache. In a test here I had 800k of relocated caches, but ~200k of wasted
      on duplicating the objects.
      This should fix https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=106618
    • Akira TAGOH's avatar
      Fix -Wstringop-truncation warning · 94080c3d
      Akira TAGOH authored
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  7. 08 Jun, 2015 1 commit
    • Akira TAGOH's avatar
      Add one more debugging option to see transformation on font-matching · 10a57edd
      Akira TAGOH authored
      just setting FC_MATCH=3 shows a lot of information and hard to keep on track for informamtion
      which is really necessary to see. to use this more effectively, added FC_DBG_MATCH_FILTER to
      see for what one really want to see. it takes a comma-separated-list of object names.
      If you want to see family name only, try like this:
      FC_DBG_MATCH_FILTER=family FC_DEBUG=4096 fc-match
      debugging output will be filtered out and see family only in the result.
  8. 27 May, 2015 1 commit
  9. 18 May, 2015 1 commit
    • Behdad Esfahbod's avatar
      Add su[pport for symbol fonts · bcfe167e
      Behdad Esfahbod authored
      Adds FC_SYMBOL.
      This affects fonts having a cmap with platform 3 encoding 0.
      We now map their glyphs from the PUA area to the Latin1 area.
      See thread "Webdings and other MS symbol fonts don't display"
      on the mailing list.
      Test before/after with:
      $ pango-view --markup --text='<span fallback="false">&#xd7;&#xf0d7;</span>' --font=Wingdings
  10. 14 Dec, 2014 1 commit
    • Behdad Esfahbod's avatar
      Add FC_COLOR · dbc7c4a2
      Behdad Esfahbod authored
      Only adds "color" to pattern if FreeType version supports color.
      Based on patch from Jungshik Shin.
  11. 20 Aug, 2014 1 commit
    • Behdad Esfahbod's avatar
      Revert "[fcmatch] When matching, reserve score 0 for when elements don't exist" · 286cdc9c
      Behdad Esfahbod authored
      This reverts commit a5a384c5.
      I don't remember what I had in mind for "We will use this property later.", but
      the change was wrong.  If a font pattern doesn't have any value for element,
      it must be interpretted as "it matches any value perfectly.  And "perfectly"
      must have a score of 0 for that to happen.
      This was actually affecting bitmap fonts (in a bad way), as the change made
      an outline font to always be preferred over a (otherwise equal) bitmap font,
      even for the exact size of the bitmap font.  That probably was never noticed
      by anyone, but with the font range support this has become clear (and worked
      around by Akira).  To clean that up, I'm reverting this so I can land the
      rest of patches for bug 80873.
  12. 24 Jul, 2014 1 commit
    • Behdad Esfahbod's avatar
      Improve / cleanup namelang matching · 9839d011
      Behdad Esfahbod authored
      Previously, if the patten didn't request, eg, style, then the style
      and stylelang were fully copied from the font, even though the pattern
      had a stylelang.  Eg:
      $ fc-match 'Apple Color Emoji:stylelang=en'
      Apple Color Emoji.ttf: "Apple Color Emoji" "標準體"
      This change both fixes that and makes the code much more readable.  Now:
      $ fc-match 'Apple Color Emoji:stylelang=en'
      Apple Color Emoji.ttf: "Apple Color Emoji" "Regular"
  13. 06 Jul, 2014 3 commits
  14. 26 Mar, 2014 1 commit
    • Akira TAGOH's avatar
      Bug 71287 - size specific design selection support in OS/2 table version 5 · 3cd573fc
      Akira TAGOH authored
      This feature requires the FreeType 2.5.1 or later at the build time.
      Besides <range> element allows <double> elements with this changes.
      This may breaks the cache but not bumping in this change sets at this moment.
      please be aware if you want to try it and run fc-cache before/after to
      avoid the weird thing against it.
  15. 10 Dec, 2013 1 commit
    • Behdad Esfahbod's avatar
      Bug 72380 - Never drop first font when trimming · fee834a9
      Behdad Esfahbod authored
      Let me show it with an example.
      $ fc-match symbol
      symbol.ttf: "Symbol" "Regular"
      $ fc-match symbol --sort | head -n 1
      Symbol.pfb: "Symbol" "Regular"
      $ fc-match symbol --sort --all | head -n 1
      symbol.ttf: "Symbol" "Regular"
      I want to make sure the above three commands all return the same font.
      Ie.  I want to make sure FcFontMatch() always returns the first font
      from FcFontSort().  As such, never trim first font.
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  20. 08 May, 2013 1 commit
    • Akira TAGOH's avatar
      Use the glob matching for filename · f6244d2c
      Akira TAGOH authored
      Regex is expensive to compare filenames. we already have the glob matching
      and it works enough in this case.
      Prior to this change, renaming FcConfigGlobMatch() to FcStrGlobMatch() and moving to fcstr.c
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