Commit c4b2787b authored by Akira TAGOH's avatar Akira TAGOH


parent 5af21201
......@@ -313,16 +313,6 @@ in preference to FcPatternGet to provide compile-time typechecking.
<function>FcPatternGetRange</function> are available since 2.11.91.
@RET@ FcResult
@FUNC@ FcPatternFindFont
@TYPE1@ const FcPattern * @ARG1@ p
@TYPE3@ FcChar8 ** @ARG3@ ret
@PURPOSE@ Find a font corresponding to a filename in a pattern
Returns a filename in <parameter>p</parameter> to the font.
@SINCE@ 2.13.0
@RET@ FcPattern *
@FUNC@ FcPatternBuild
@TYPE1@ FcPattern * @ARG1@ pattern
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