Commit 209619b1 authored by Florent Rougon's avatar Florent Rougon Committed by Akira TAGOH

Fix erroneous test on language id in FcLangSetPromote()

FcLangSetIndex() indicates "not found" with a non-negative return value.
Return value 0 doesn't imply "not found", it rather means "language
found at index 0 in fcLangCharSets".
parent 4970c7e8
......@@ -732,7 +732,7 @@ FcLangSetPromote (const FcChar8 *lang, FcValuePromotionBuffer *vbuf)
if (lang)
id = FcLangSetIndex (lang);
if (id > 0)
if (id >= 0)
FcLangSetBitSet (&buf->ls, id);
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