Commit 10e13fc7 authored by Akira TAGOH's avatar Akira TAGOH

Add build test for MinGW

parent f6810ede
......@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ before_script:
- dnf -y upgrade --disablerepo=rawhide-modular --nogpgcheck fedora-repos fedora-repos-rawhide
- dnf -y upgrade --disablerepo=rawhide-modular
- dnf -y install --disablerepo=rawhide-modular --allowerasing --skip-broken @buildsys-build autoconf automake libtool gettext gettext-devel gperf expat-devel freetype-devel libuuid-devel json-c-devel git docbook-utils docbook-utils-pdf bubblewrap
- dnf -y install --disablerepo=rawhide-modular --allowerasing --skip-broken mingw64-gettext mingw64-freetype mingw64-expat
stage: build
......@@ -53,3 +54,24 @@ static-build:
- build-*/*.log
- build-*/test/*.log
- build-*/test/*.trs
stage: build
- export BUILD_ID="fontconfig-$CI_JOB_NAME_$CI_COMMIT_SHA-$CI_JOB_ID"
- export PREFIX="$(pwd)/prefix-$BUILD_ID"
- export BUILDDIR="$(pwd)/build-$BUILD_ID"
- export MAKEFLAGS="-j4"
- mkdir "$BUILDDIR"
- cd "$BUILDDIR"
- eval `rpm --eval %{mingw64_env}`
- ../ --prefix="$PREFIX" --disable-shared --enable-static
- make
- make check
name: fontconfig-$CI_COMMIT_SHA-$CI_JOB_ID
when: always
- build-*/*.log
- build-*/test/*.log
- build-*/test/*.trs
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