Commit 02161ef2 authored by Florent Rougon's avatar Florent Rougon Committed by Akira TAGOH

fc-lang: gracefully handle the case where the last language initial is < 'z'

FcLangSetIndex() contains code like this:

  low = fcLangCharSetRanges[firstChar - 'a'].begin;
  high = fcLangCharSetRanges[firstChar - 'a'].end;
  /* no matches */
  if (low > high)

The assumption behind this test didn't hold before this commit, unless
there is at least one language name that starts with 'z' (which is
thankfully the case in our world :-). If the last language name in
lexicographic order starts for instance with 'x', this change ensures
that fcLangCharSetRanges['y' - 'a'].begin and
     fcLangCharSetRanges['z' - 'a'].begin
are equal to NUM_LANG_CHAR_SET, in order to make the above assumption
correct in all cases.
parent c37eeb8f
......@@ -561,6 +561,9 @@ main (int argc FC_UNUSED, char **argv)
while (setRangeChar <= c && c <= 'z')
setRangeStart[setRangeChar++ - 'a'] = i;
while (setRangeChar <= 'z') /* no language code starts with these letters */
setRangeStart[setRangeChar++ - 'a'] = i;
for (setRangeChar = 'a'; setRangeChar < 'z'; setRangeChar++)
setRangeEnd[setRangeChar - 'a'] = setRangeStart[setRangeChar+1-'a'] - 1;
setRangeEnd[setRangeChar - 'a'] = i - 1;
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