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  8. 02 Dec, 2006 2 commits
    • Keith Packard's avatar
      Add FcFreeTypeQueryFace external API. Bug #7311. · 72ffe653
      Keith Packard authored
      Expose ability to build an FcPattern directly from an FT_Face
    • Keith Packard's avatar
      Use explicit platform/nameid order when scanning ttf files. · 253ec760
      Keith Packard authored
      Instead of accepting whatever order names appear in the font file,
      use an explicit ordering for both platform and nameid.
      Platforms are high precedence than nameids.
      The platform order is:
      	microsoft, apple unicode, macintosh, (other)
      The family nameid order is:
      	preferred family, font family
      The fullname nameid order is:
      	mac full name, full name
      The style nameid order is
      	preferred subfamily, font subfamily
      This will change the names visible to users in various application UIs, but
      should not change how existing font names are matched as all names remain
      present in the resulting database. The hope is that family names will, in
      general, be less ambiguous. Testing here shows that commercial fonts
      have longer names now while DejaVu has a shorter family name, and moves more
      of the font description to the style name.
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    • Keith Packard's avatar
      Eliminate .so PLT entries for local symbols. (thanks to Arjan van de Ven) · 23816bf9
      Keith Packard authored
      Using a simple shell script that processes the public headers, two header
      files are constructed that map public symbols to hidden internal aliases
      avoiding the assocated PLT entry for referring to a public symbol.
      A few mistakes in the FcPrivate/FcPublic annotations were also discovered
      through this process
  11. 03 Sep, 2006 1 commit
    • Keith Packard's avatar
      Add FcMatchScan to resolve Delicious font matching issues (bug #6769) · c2c6976d
      Keith Packard authored
      The Delicious family includes one named Delicious Heavy, a bold variant
      which is unfortunately marked as having normal weight. Because the family
      name is 'Delicious', fontconfig accidentally selects this font instead of
      the normal weight variant. The fix here rewrites the scanned data by running
      the scanned pattern through a new substitution sequence tagged with
      <match target=scan>; a sample for the Delicious family is included to
      demonstrate how it works (and fix Delicious at the same time).
      Also added was a new match predicate -- the 'decorative' predicate which is
      automatically detected in fonts by searching style names for key decorative
      phrases like SmallCaps, Shadow, Embosed and Antiqua. Suggestions for
      additional decorative key words are welcome. This should have little effect
      on font matching except when two fonts share the same characteristics except
      for this value.
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    • Patrick Lam's avatar
      Fix memory leak (Coverity defect #2089). · 2f02e383
      Patrick Lam authored
      Ignore script if subtable is missing (Coverity defect #2088).
      Fix possible null pointer dereference (Coverity defect #784) and memory
          leak (Coverity defects #785, #786).
      Don't copy FcCharSet if we're going to throw it away anyway. (Reported by
          Kenichi Handa).
      reviewed by: plam
  17. 11 Apr, 2006 1 commit
    • Patrick Lam's avatar
      Properly convert static charsets to dynamic charsets. · 04f7d3e7
      Patrick Lam authored
      Fix memory leak in error case (Coverity defects #1820, #1821, #1822).
      Fix memory leak (Coverity defect #1819).
      prevent crash when invalid include line is parsed (Coverity defect #763).
      Fix potential null pointer access (Coverity defect #1804).
      Remove dead code (Coverity defect #1194).
      Prevent potential null pointer access (Coverity defect #767), ensure error
          value is read (Coverity defect #1195).
      reviewed by: plam
  18. 07 Apr, 2006 1 commit
    • Patrick Lam's avatar
      Patrick Lam <plam@mit.edu> · d6217cc6
      Patrick Lam authored
      Make fontconfig compile under MinGW:
      1) remove unneeded #includes;
      2) make use of mmap and sysconf conditional;
      3) replace rand_r by srand/rand if needed;
      4) use chsize instead of ftruncate; and
      5) update libtool exports file
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