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Link new function documentation into the fontconfig-devel.sgml

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<!DOCTYPE article PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook V3.1//EN" [
<!ENTITY fcatomic SYSTEM "fcatomic.sgml">
<!ENTITY fcblanks SYSTEM "fcblanks.sgml">
<!ENTITY fccache SYSTEM "fccache.sgml">
<!ENTITY fccharset SYSTEM "fccharset.sgml">
<!ENTITY fcconfig SYSTEM "fcconfig.sgml">
<!ENTITY fcconstant SYSTEM "fcconstant.sgml">
<!ENTITY fcdircache SYSTEM "fcdircache.sgml">
<!ENTITY fcfile SYSTEM "fcfile.sgml">
<!ENTITY fcfontset SYSTEM "fcfontset.sgml">
<!ENTITY fcfreetype SYSTEM "fcfreetype.sgml">
<!ENTITY fcinit SYSTEM "fcinit.sgml">
<!ENTITY fclangset SYSTEM "fclangset.sgml">
<!ENTITY fcmatrix SYSTEM "fcmatrix.sgml">
<!ENTITY fcobjectset SYSTEM "fcobjectset.sgml">
<!ENTITY fcobjecttype SYSTEM "fcobjecttype.sgml">
......@@ -406,6 +409,15 @@ Used for locking access to config files. Provides a safe way to update
configuration files.
Holds information about the fonts contained in a single directory. Normal
applications need not worry about this as caches for font access are
automatically managed by the library. Applications dealing with cache
management may want to use some of these objects in their work, however the
included 'fc-cache' program generally suffices for all of that.
......@@ -468,6 +480,16 @@ return it's argument, and that CharSet may remain unmodifiable.
An FcLangSet is a set of language names (each of which include language and
an optional territory). They are used when selecting fonts to indicate which
languages the fonts need to support. Each font is marked, using language
orthography information built into fontconfig, with the set of supported
FcMatrix structures hold an affine transformation in matrix form.
......@@ -519,6 +541,15 @@ These routines work with font files and directories, including font
directory cache files.
<sect2><title>FcCache routines</title>
These routines work with font directory caches, accessing their contents in
limited ways. It is not expected that normal applications will need to use
these functions.
<sect2><title>FcStrSet and FcStrList</title>
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