Commit c9c68750 authored by Kean Johnson's avatar Kean Johnson Committed by Keith Packard
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Don't use varargs CPP macros in fccache.c. (bug 8733)

src/fccache.c uses a trick to try and use a function name that is also a
macro name. It does this using the varargs args() macro. Replace that
with separate macros for each number of formals.
parent 72ffe653
......@@ -826,16 +826,17 @@ FcDirCacheWrite (FcCache *cache, FcConfig *config)
* Hokey little macro trick to permit the definitions of C functions
* with the same name as CPP macros
#define args(x...) (x)
#define args1(x) (x)
#define args2(x,y) (x,y)
const FcChar8 *
FcCacheDir args(const FcCache *c)
FcCacheDir args1(const FcCache *c)
return FcCacheDir (c);
FcFontSet *
FcCacheCopySet args(const FcCache *c)
FcCacheCopySet args1(const FcCache *c)
FcFontSet *old = FcCacheSet (c);
FcFontSet *new = FcFontSetCreate ();
......@@ -858,19 +859,19 @@ FcCacheCopySet args(const FcCache *c)
const FcChar8 *
FcCacheSubdir args(const FcCache *c, int i)
FcCacheSubdir args2(const FcCache *c, int i)
return FcCacheSubdir (c, i);
FcCacheNumSubdir args(const FcCache *c)
FcCacheNumSubdir args1(const FcCache *c)
return c->dirs_count;
FcCacheNumFont args(const FcCache *c)
FcCacheNumFont args1(const FcCache *c)
return FcCacheSet(c)->nfont;
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