Commit b4a3e834 authored by Keith Packard's avatar Keith Packard
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Remove references to FcConfigParse and FcConfigLoad.

These functions no longer exist.
parent fc141b49
......@@ -121,7 +121,6 @@ filesystem.
@PURPOSE@ Get config files
Returns the list of known configuration files used to generate <parameter>config</parameter>.
Note that this will not include any configuration done with FcConfigParse.
@RET@ char *
......@@ -319,6 +318,6 @@ FC_CONFIG_DIR environment variable.
Walks the configuration in 'file' and constructs the internal representation
in 'config'. Any include files referenced from within 'file' will be loaded
with FcConfigLoad and also parsed. If 'complain' is FcFalse, no warning
and parsed. If 'complain' is FcFalse, no warning
will be displayed if 'file' does not exist.
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