Commit af7a965f authored by Patrick Lam's avatar Patrick Lam
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Fix world's tiniest typo in code example.

reviewed by: plam
parent 30c4189d
2006-01-29 Behdad Esfabod <>
reviewed by: plam
* doc/fcpattern.fncs:
Fix world's tiniest typo in code example.
2006-01-29 Mike Fabian <>
reviewed by: plam
......@@ -246,7 +246,7 @@ value need be passed for this. The values are added to `pattern', if
returned. Example
pattern = FcPatternBuild (0, FC_FAMILY, FtTypeString, "Times", (char *) 0);
pattern = FcPatternBuild (0, FC_FAMILY, FcTypeString, "Times", (char *) 0);
FcPatternVaBuild is used when the arguments are already in the form of a
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