Commit 74e16cee authored by Behdad Esfahbod's avatar Behdad Esfahbod

Fix docs re 'orig' argument of FcPatternBuild and family

Now call it 'p' or 'pattern', since it's modified in place.
There is no copying.
parent bb65f58f
......@@ -279,20 +279,20 @@ in preference to FcPatternGet to provide compile-time typechecking.
@RET@ FcPattern *
@FUNC@ FcPatternBuild
@TYPE1@ FcPattern * @ARG1@ orig
@TYPE1@ FcPattern * @ARG1@ pattern
@TYPE2@ ...
@RET+@ FcPattern *
@FUNC+@ FcPatternVaBuild
@TYPE1+@ FcPattern * @ARG1+@ orig
@TYPE1+@ FcPattern * @ARG1+@ pattern
@TYPE2+@ va_list% @ARG2+@ va
@RET++@ void
@FUNC++@ FcPatternVapBuild
@TYPE1++@ FcPattern * @ARG1++@ result
@TYPE2++@ FcPattern * @ARG2++@ orig
@TYPE2++@ FcPattern * @ARG2++@ pattern
@TYPE3++@ va_list% @ARG3++@ va
@PURPOSE@ Create patterns from arguments
......@@ -822,10 +822,10 @@ FcPublic FcResult
FcPatternGetLangSet (const FcPattern *p, const char *object, int n, FcLangSet **ls);
FcPublic FcPattern *
FcPatternVaBuild (FcPattern *orig, va_list va);
FcPatternVaBuild (FcPattern *p, va_list va);
FcPublic FcPattern *
FcPatternBuild (FcPattern *orig, ...) FC_ATTRIBUTE_SENTINEL(0);
FcPatternBuild (FcPattern *p, ...) FC_ATTRIBUTE_SENTINEL(0);
/* fcstr.c */
......@@ -954,23 +954,23 @@ FcPatternReference (FcPattern *p)
FcPattern *
FcPatternVaBuild (FcPattern *orig, va_list va)
FcPatternVaBuild (FcPattern *p, va_list va)
FcPattern *ret;
FcPatternVapBuild (ret, orig, va);
FcPatternVapBuild (ret, p, va);
return ret;
FcPattern *
FcPatternBuild (FcPattern *orig, ...)
FcPatternBuild (FcPattern *p, ...)
va_list va;
va_start (va, orig);
FcPatternVapBuild (orig, orig, va);
va_start (va, p);
FcPatternVapBuild (p, p, va);
va_end (va);
return orig;
return p;
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