Commit 6f6b3978 authored by Akira TAGOH's avatar Akira TAGOH

Fix assertion in FcCacheFini() again

The previous fix in fbc05949 was wrong. reverting.

When reading older caches, FcDirCacheMapHelper() returns FcFalse and
it became the return value from FcDirCacheProcess() too, which is wrong.
Actually one of calls for FcDirCacheMapHelper() should be successfully
finished and closure should have a valid pointer for cache.

Due to this, the proper finalization process wasn't running against
cache in closure.

Fixes #227
parent 6def6616
Pipeline #122858 passed with stage
in 6 minutes and 39 seconds
......@@ -365,6 +365,7 @@ FcDirCacheProcess (FcConfig *config, const FcChar8 *dir,
struct stat file_stat, dir_stat;
FcBool ret = FcFalse;
const FcChar8 *sysroot = FcConfigGetSysRoot (config);
struct timeval latest_mtime = (struct timeval){ 0 };
if (sysroot)
d = FcStrBuildFilename (sysroot, dir, NULL);
......@@ -389,7 +390,6 @@ FcDirCacheProcess (FcConfig *config, const FcChar8 *dir,
#ifndef _WIN32
FcBool retried = FcFalse;
struct timeval latest_mtime = (struct timeval){ 0 };
if (sysroot)
cache_hashed = FcStrBuildFilename (sysroot, cache_dir, cache_base, NULL);
......@@ -445,6 +445,8 @@ FcDirCacheProcess (FcConfig *config, const FcChar8 *dir,
FcStrListDone (list);
if (closure)
return !!(*((FcCache **)closure) != NULL);
return ret;
......@@ -792,7 +794,18 @@ FcCacheFini (void)
int i;
for (i = 0; i < FC_CACHE_MAX_LEVEL; i++)
assert (fcCacheChains[i] == NULL);
if (FcDebug() & FC_DBG_CACHE)
if (fcCacheChains[i] != NULL)
FcCacheSkip *s = fcCacheChains[i];
printf("Fontconfig error: not freed %p (dir: %s, refcount %d)\n", s->cache, FcCacheDir(s->cache), s->ref.count);
assert (fcCacheChains[i] == NULL);
assert (fcCacheMaxLevel == 0);
free_lock ();
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