Commit 61573ad5 authored by Akira TAGOH's avatar Akira TAGOH
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Fix memory leaks

parent 71d6866d
Pipeline #110174 passed with stage
in 4 minutes and 52 seconds
......@@ -2200,6 +2200,17 @@ bail2:
FcCharSetDestroy (cs);
FcPatternDestroy (pat);
if (master)
if (face->glyph)
FT_Done_MM_Var (face->glyph->library, master);
free (master);
if (!nm_share && name_mapping)
free (name_mapping);
if (foundry_)
free (foundry_);
......@@ -2360,6 +2371,8 @@ bail:
if (face)
FT_Done_Face (face);
FT_Done_FreeType (ftLibrary);
if (nm)
free (nm);
return ret;
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