Commit 50124d1e authored by Keith Packard's avatar Keith Packard
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Improve verbose messages from fc-cache.

fc-cache would say 'skipping: %d fonts, %d dirs' or 'caching: %d fonts, %d
dirs', which could easily mislead the user. Add 'existing cache is valid' or
'new cache contents' to these messages to explain what it is doing.
parent e12f718f
......@@ -201,13 +201,13 @@ scanDirs (FcStrList *list, FcConfig *config, FcBool force, FcBool really_force,
if (was_valid)
if (verbose)
printf ("skipping, %d fonts, %d dirs\n",
printf ("skipping, existing cache is valid: %d fonts, %d dirs\n",
FcCacheNumFont (cache), FcCacheNumSubdir (cache));
if (verbose)
printf ("caching, %d fonts, %d dirs\n",
printf ("caching, new cache contents: %d fonts, %d dirs\n",
FcCacheNumFont (cache), FcCacheNumSubdir (cache));
if (!FcDirCacheValid (dir))
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