Commit 30c4189d authored by Patrick Lam's avatar Patrick Lam
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Fix global cache reads of subdirectories.

reviewed by: plam
parent 971cf180
2006-01-29 Mike Fabian <>
reviewed by: plam
* src/fccache.c (FcGlobalCacheReadDir):
Fix global cache reads of subdirectories.
2006-01-29 Patrick Lam <>
* doc/fcconfig.fncs:
Add documentation for FcConfigNormalizeFontDir.
......@@ -319,7 +319,7 @@ FcGlobalCacheReadDir (FcFontSet *set, FcStrSet *dirs, FcGlobalCache * cache, con
if (strncmp (d->name, dir, strlen(dir)) == 0)
lseek (cache->fd, d->offset, SEEK_SET);
if (!FcDirCacheConsume (cache->fd, dir, set, config))
if (!FcDirCacheConsume (cache->fd, d->name, set, config))
return FcFalse;
if (strcmp (d->name, dir) == 0)
ret = FcTrue;
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