Commit 2e08e0f2 authored by Behdad Esfahbod's avatar Behdad Esfahbod

[doc] Fix signatures of FcPatternGetFTFace and FcPatternGetLangSet (#16272)

parent 317b8492
......@@ -245,14 +245,16 @@ within the pattern directly. Applications must not free this value.
@FUNC++++++@ FcPatternGetFTFace
@TYPE1++++++@ FcPattern * @ARG1++++++@ p
@TYPE2++++++@ const char * @ARG2++++++@ object
@TYPE3++++++@ const FT_Face * @ARG3++++++@ f
@TYPE3+++++@ int% @ARG3+++++@ n
@TYPE3++++++@ FT_Face * @ARG3++++++@ f
@RET+++++++@ FcBool
@FUNC+++++++@ FcPatternGetLangSet
@TYPE1+++++++@ FcPattern * @ARG1+++++++@ p
@TYPE2+++++++@ const char * @ARG2+++++++@ object
@TYPE3+++++++@ const FcLangSet ** @ARG3+++++++@ l
@TYPE3+++++@ int% @ARG3+++++@ n
@TYPE3+++++++@ FcLangSet ** @ARG3+++++++@ l
@PURPOSE@ Return a typed value from a pattern
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