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Add doc for description element and update fonts.dtd

Fixes fontconfig/fontconfig#133
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......@@ -339,6 +339,11 @@ the library. If 'prefix' is set to "xdg", the value in the XDG_CONFIG_HOME envi
This element provides a place to consolidate additional configuration
information. <literal>&lt;config&gt;</literal> can contain <literal>&lt;blank&gt;</literal> and <literal>&lt;rescan&gt;</literal> elements in any
<refsect2><title><literal>&lt;description domain="fontconfig-conf"&gt;</literal></title><para>
This element is supposed to hold strings which describe what a config is used for.
This string can be translated through gettext. 'domain' needs to be set the proper name to apply then.
fontconfig will tries to retrieve translations with 'domain' from gettext.
Fonts often include "broken" glyphs which appear in the encoding but are
<!-- This is the Document Type Definition for font configuration files -->
<!ELEMENT fontconfig (dir |
<!ELEMENT fontconfig (alias |
cache |
cachedir |
include |
config |
selectfont |
description |
dir |
include |
match |
alias)* >
selectfont)* >
Add a directory that provides fonts
......@@ -43,6 +44,16 @@
prefix CDATA "default"
xml:space (default|preserve) 'preserve'>
Set a string as a description for the targeted config file
Set 'domain' to change where to pull translations from.
This will be done through gettext.
<!ELEMENT description (#PCDATA)>
<!ATTLIST description
domain CDATA "fontconfig-conf">
Reference another configuration file; note that this
is another complete font configuration file and not
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