Commit 088b582a authored by Keith Packard's avatar Keith Packard
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Clean up exported names in fontconfig.h.

Fix typo errors (Inverval indeed).
Remove FcPattern *p from FcValue (unused)
Remove spurious FcPublic from formals.
parent e37d10fa
......@@ -228,7 +228,6 @@ typedef struct _FcValue {
const FcMatrix *m;
const FcCharSet *c;
void *f;
const FcPattern *p;
const FcLangSet *l;
} u;
} FcValue;
......@@ -250,7 +249,10 @@ typedef enum _FcMatchKind {
} FcMatchKind;
typedef enum _FcLangResult {
FcLangEqual, FcLangDifferentCountry, FcLangDifferentLang
FcLangEqual = 0,
FcLangDifferentCountry = 1,
FcLangDifferentTerritory = 1,
FcLangDifferentLang = 2
} FcLangResult;
typedef enum _FcSetName {
......@@ -367,10 +369,10 @@ FcPublic FcStrList *
FcConfigGetCacheDirs (FcConfig *config);
FcPublic int
FcConfigGetRescanInverval (FcConfig *config);
FcConfigGetRescanInterval (FcConfig *config);
FcPublic FcBool
FcConfigSetRescanInverval (FcConfig *config, int rescanInterval);
FcConfigSetRescanInterval (FcConfig *config, int rescanInterval);
FcPublic FcFontSet *
FcConfigGetFonts (FcConfig *config,
......@@ -883,25 +885,25 @@ FcPublic FcStrSet *
FcStrSetCreate (void);
FcPublic FcBool
FcStrSetMember (FcPublic FcStrSet *set, const FcChar8 *s);
FcStrSetMember (FcStrSet *set, const FcChar8 *s);
FcPublic FcBool
FcStrSetEqual (FcPublic FcStrSet *sa, FcPublic FcStrSet *sb);
FcStrSetEqual (FcStrSet *sa, FcStrSet *sb);
FcPublic FcBool
FcStrSetAdd (FcPublic FcStrSet *set, const FcChar8 *s);
FcStrSetAdd (FcStrSet *set, const FcChar8 *s);
FcPublic FcBool
FcStrSetAddFilename (FcPublic FcStrSet *set, const FcChar8 *s);
FcStrSetAddFilename (FcStrSet *set, const FcChar8 *s);
FcPublic FcBool
FcStrSetDel (FcPublic FcStrSet *set, const FcChar8 *s);
FcStrSetDel (FcStrSet *set, const FcChar8 *s);
FcPublic void
FcStrSetDestroy (FcPublic FcStrSet *set);
FcStrSetDestroy (FcStrSet *set);
FcPublic FcStrList *
FcStrListCreate (FcPublic FcStrSet *set);
FcStrListCreate (FcStrSet *set);
FcPublic FcChar8 *
FcStrListNext (FcStrList *list);
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