Commit e6d6e53a authored by Filip Pokryvka's avatar Filip Pokryvka 🤸🏻
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envsetup: install initscripts on el9

parent b69dbf64
......@@ -186,7 +186,7 @@ install_el9_packages () {
# Dnf more deps
dnf -4 -y install git python3-netaddr dhcp-relay iw net-tools psmisc firewalld dhcp-server ethtool \
python3-dbus python3-gobject dnsmasq tcpdump wireshark-cli file iproute-tc \
openvpn perl-IO-Tty dhcp-client rpm-build gcc --skip-broken
openvpn perl-IO-Tty dhcp-client rpm-build gcc initscripts --skip-broken
# hostapd and tcpreplay is in epel (not available now), iw was just missing in el9 1915791 (needed for hostpad_wireless)
dnf -4 -y install$(arch)/tcpreplay-4.3.3-3.fc34.$(arch).rpm \
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