Commit 9736ed14 authored by Filip Pokryvka's avatar Filip Pokryvka 🤸🏻
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p2p: Add test where NM is the client rather than GO

parent 75b57ba6
......@@ -364,6 +364,27 @@ Feature: nmcli - wifi
Then "activated" is visible with command "nmcli con show wifi-p2p" in "120" seconds
@rhelver+=8 @fedoraver-=0
@simwifi_p2p @attach_wpa_supplicant_log
Scenario: nmcli - simwifi - p2p - connect - NM as client
# This is not needed now as unmanaged directly see simwifi_p2p tag
# * Execute "nmcli device set wlan1 managed off && sleep 1"
# Start wpa_supplicant instance for NM unamanged wlan1 interface
* Run child "wpa_supplicant -i wlan1 -C /tmp/wpa_supplicant_peer_ctrl"
# Tell wlan1's wpa_supplicant instance to listen and wait a bit
* Execute "sleep 2 && wpa_cli -i wlan1 -p /tmp/wpa_supplicant_peer_ctrl p2p_listen && sleep 5"
# Create a connection with dynamic mac address
* Execute "nmcli con add type wifi-p2p ifname p2p-dev-wlan0 wifi-p2p.peer $( wpa_cli -i wlan1 -p /tmp/wpa_supplicant_peer_ctrl status | sed -n 's/p2p_device_address=//p' ) ipv4.never-default yes con-name wifi-p2p"
# Wait a bit and pass a authentication command to wlan1's wpa_supplicant instance
* Run child "sleep 5; echo Peer address: $( wpa_cli -i wlan1 -p /tmp/wpa_supplicant_peer_ctrl p2p_peers ); wpa_cli -i wlan1 -p /tmp/wpa_supplicant_peer_ctrl p2p_connect $( wpa_cli -i wlan1 -p /tmp/wpa_supplicant_peer_ctrl p2p_peers ) pbc auth go_intent=14"
When "p2p-wlan1-0" is visible with command "ls /sys/class/net/" in "5" seconds
* Execute "ip addr add dev p2p-wlan1-0"
* Run child "dnsmasq -k -i p2p-wlan1-0 --dhcp-range=,"
Then "activated" is visible with command "nmcli con show wifi-p2p" in "120" seconds
@rhelver+=8 @fedoraver+=31
@simwifi_ap @attach_wpa_supplicant_log @attach_hostapd_log
......@@ -2094,6 +2094,8 @@ testmapper:
feature: tc
- simwifi_p2p_connect:
feature: wifi_hwsim
- simwifi_p2p_client_connect:
feature: wifi_hwsim
## @need_legacy_crypto (mschap) tests
# group these tests to eliminate hostapd restarts
- simwifi_wep_ttls_mschapv2_eap:
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