Commit 734f17a4 authored by Vladimír Beneš's avatar Vladimír Beneš
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vethsetup: do not remove orig-wlanX in vethsetup teardown

parent c09de6fc
......@@ -418,8 +418,8 @@ function teardown_veth_env ()
ip link set dev $ORIGDEV up
# Rename original devices back
for DEV in $(nmcli -f DEVICE -t d | grep '^orig-' | sed 's/^orig-//'); do
# Rename original ethernet devices back
for DEV in $(nmcli -f DEVICE,TYPE -t d | grep ethernet| grep '^orig-' | sed 's/^orig-//' |sed 's/:ethernet//'); do
ip link set orig-$DEV down
ip link set orig-$DEV name $DEV
# Rename their profiles if these exist
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