Commit 4bd582da authored by Fernando Fernández Mancera's avatar Fernando Fernández Mancera Committed by Vladimír Beneš
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ovs: drop may_fail from NM_reboot_openvswitch_vlan_configuration

The issue is being fixed by: NetworkManager/NetworkManager!1032
parent d1b6c85c
...@@ -429,7 +429,6 @@ Feature: nmcli - ovs ...@@ -429,7 +429,6 @@ Feature: nmcli - ovs
@rhbz1540218 @rhbz1734032 @rhbz2022275 @rhbz1540218 @rhbz1734032 @rhbz2022275
@ver+=1.18.8 @ver+=1.18.8
@openvswitch @restart_if_needed @openvswitch @restart_if_needed
@NM_reboot_openvswitch_vlan_configuration @NM_reboot_openvswitch_vlan_configuration
Scenario: NM - openvswitch - reboot Scenario: NM - openvswitch - reboot
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