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gitlab: add bug report template

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Before submitting your bug report:
- Check if a new version of Mesa is available which might have fixed the problem.
- If you can, check if the latest development version (git master) works better.
- Check if your bug has already been reported here.
Otherwise, please fill the requested information below.
And please remove anything that doesn't apply to keep things readable :)
### System information
- GPU: (run `lspci | grep VGA` or `lshw -C display`)
- Kernel version:
- Mesa version:
- Xserver version (if applicable):
- Wayland compositor & version (if applicable):
- DXVK/D9VK version (if applicable):
- Wine version (if applicable):
### Describe the issue
"It doesn't work" is not something we can do anything about.
Please describe what you are doing, what you expect and what you're
seeing instead.
### Regression
Did it used to work? It can greatly help to know when the issue started.
Try to bisect the issue using [`git bisect`](
### Log files (any possible)
- dmesg
- backtrace
- gpu hang details
### Apitrace file(s) (if exist)
If possible, provide an apitrace of the application/game (see Tips section)
- Put a link here
### Screenshots (if applicable)
### Tips
- OpenGL:
`apitrace trace ./binary_name`
For steam games, you have to:
1. Open game preferences
2. Open "Set launch options"
3. Enter `apitrace trace %command%`
* After exiting/crashing *.trace will be stored near the application's binary.
- DX11/DX9:
Ideally would be great to get an apitrace from the Windows OS.
If you don't have possibility to make a trace under windows, you still
can do this on linux:
#TODO(Denys): complete this.
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