Commit 6e5bec26 authored by Olivier Fourdan's avatar Olivier Fourdan Committed by Peter Hutterer

wayland: Emulate crossing for native window

Emitting a LeaveNotify event every time the pointer leaves an X11 window
may confuse focus follow mouse mode in window managers such as

Keep the previously found X window and compare against the new one, and
if they match then it means the pointer has left an Xwayland window for
a native Wayland surface, only in this case fake the crossing to the
root window.
Signed-off-by: default avatarOlivier Fourdan <>
Reviewed-by: Peter Hutterer's avatarPeter Hutterer <>
Signed-off-by: Peter Hutterer's avatarPeter Hutterer <>
parent 48c5c23a
......@@ -959,7 +959,7 @@ xwl_xy_to_window(ScreenPtr screen, SpritePtr sprite, int x, int y)
if (xwl_seat == NULL || !xwl_seat->focus_window) {
if (xwl_seat == NULL) {
sprite->spriteTraceGood = 1;
return sprite->spriteTrace[0];
......@@ -969,6 +969,19 @@ xwl_xy_to_window(ScreenPtr screen, SpritePtr sprite, int x, int y)
xwl_seat->xwl_screen->XYToWindow = screen->XYToWindow;
screen->XYToWindow = xwl_xy_to_window;
/* If the pointer has left the Wayland surface but the DIX still
* finds the pointer within the previous X11 window, it means that
* the pointer has crossed to another native Wayland window, in this
* case, pretend we entered the root window so that a LeaveNotify
* event is emitted.
if (xwl_seat->focus_window == NULL && xwl_seat->last_xwindow == ret) {
sprite->spriteTraceGood = 1;
return sprite->spriteTrace[0];
xwl_seat->last_xwindow = ret;
return ret;
......@@ -324,7 +324,8 @@ xwl_unrealize_window(WindowPtr window)
xorg_list_for_each_entry(xwl_seat, &xwl_screen->seat_list, link) {
if (xwl_seat->focus_window && xwl_seat->focus_window->window == window)
xwl_seat->focus_window = NULL;
if (xwl_seat->last_xwindow == window)
xwl_seat->last_xwindow = NullWindow;
xwl_seat_clear_touch(xwl_seat, window);
......@@ -132,6 +132,7 @@ struct xwl_seat {
struct wl_surface *cursor;
struct wl_callback *cursor_frame_cb;
Bool cursor_needs_update;
WindowPtr last_xwindow;
struct xorg_list touches;
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