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    meson: Convert xquartz from autotools · 655b1eb3
    Jon Turney authored
    Differences from autotools:
    * Autotools defined NO_ALLOCA for OSX builds.  I don't think we need
    this anymore as Xalloc.h is no longer used anywhere in the xserver.
    * X11.bin is linked with -u,miDCInitialize, and then libserver_mi
    provided to satisfy (just) that.  It's been that way since the commit
    which added it.  We can't write the equivalent in meson due to linker
    argument ordering issues, but do we really need to?
    * An explicit -Dsecure-rpc=false is required for OSX, since in meson we
    don't do the checks that XTRANS_SECURE_RPC_FLAGS did for the existence
    of the specific RPC functions required.