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                        X server test suite

This suite contains a set of tests to verify the behaviour of functions used
internally to the server.
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= How it works =
Through some automake abuse, we link the test programs with the same static
libraries as the Xorg binary. The test suites can then call various functions
and verify their behaviour - without the need to start the server or connect

This testing only works for functions that do not rely on a particular state
of the X server. Unless the test suite replicates the expected state, which
may be difficult.

= How to run the tests =
Run "make check" in the test directory. This will compile the tests and execute
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them in the order specified in the TESTS variable in test/

Each set of tests related to a subsystem are available as a binary that can be
executed directly. For example, run "xkb" to perform some xkb-related tests.

== Adding a new test ==
When adding a new test, ensure that you add a short description of what the
test does and what the expected outcome is.