Commit fabc4219 authored by Samuel Thibault's avatar Samuel Thibault

Fix crash on XkbSetMap

Since group_info and width are used for the key actions allocations,
when modifying them we need to take care of reallocation key actions if
parent 8469bfea
......@@ -2110,6 +2110,9 @@ SetKeySyms(ClientPtr client,
if (XkbKeyHasActions(xkb, i + req->firstKeySym))
XkbResizeKeyActions(xkb, i + req->firstKeySym,
XkbNumGroups(wire->groupInfo) * wire->width);
oldMap->kt_index[0] = wire->ktIndex[0];
oldMap->kt_index[1] = wire->ktIndex[1];
oldMap->kt_index[2] = wire->ktIndex[2];
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