Commit b6bf68b8 authored by Aaron Plattner's avatar Aaron Plattner Committed by Adam Jackson

meson: Fix module_dir configuration (v2) has code to set the module_dir variable to
${libdir}/xorg/modules if the module_dir option string is empty.
However, this has several problems:

1. The variable is only used for an unused @moduledir@ substitution in
   the man page. The rule for xorg-server.pc uses option('module_dir')
   directly instead.
2. The 'module_dir' option has a default value of 'xorg/modules' so the
   above rule doesn't do anything by default.
3. The xorg-server.pc rule uses ${exec_prefix}/option('module_dir'), so
   the effect of #2 is that the default moduledir is different between
   autoconf and meson. E.g. if ${prefix} is /X, then you get

     autoconf: moduledir=/X/lib/xorg/modules
     meson:    moduledir=/X/xorg/modules

Fix this by using the module_dir variable when generating xorg-server.pc, and by
using join_paths() to assign module_dir unconditionally.

v2: Keep the 'xorg/modules' default path, but use join_paths() unconditionally (Thierry Reding)
Signed-off-by: Aaron Plattner's avatarAaron Plattner <>
Reviewed-by: Peter Hutterer's avatarPeter Hutterer <>
parent 9d628ee5
......@@ -269,10 +269,7 @@ if log_dir == ''
log_dir = join_paths(get_option('prefix'), get_option('localstatedir'), 'log')
module_dir = get_option('module_dir')
if module_dir == ''
module_dir = join_paths(get_option('libdir'), 'xorg/modules')
module_dir = join_paths(get_option('libdir'), get_option('module_dir'))
if glamor_option == 'auto'
build_glamor = build_xorg or build_xwayland
......@@ -534,7 +531,7 @@ manpage_config.set('XKB_DFLT_LAYOUT', get_option('xkb_default_layout'))
manpage_config.set('XKB_DFLT_VARIANT', get_option('xkb_default_variant'))
manpage_config.set('XKB_DFLT_OPTIONS', get_option('xkb_default_options'))
manpage_config.set('bundle_id_prefix', '...')
manpage_config.set('modulepath', join_paths(get_option('prefix'), module_dir))
manpage_config.set('modulepath', module_dir)
# wtf doesn't this work
# manpage_config.set('suid_wrapper_dir', join_paths(get_option('prefix'), libexecdir))
manpage_config.set('suid_wrapper_dir', join_paths(get_option('prefix'), 'libexec'))
......@@ -619,7 +616,7 @@ if build_xorg
sdkconfig.set('libdir', join_paths('${exec_prefix}', get_option('libdir')))
sdkconfig.set('includedir', join_paths('${prefix}', get_option('includedir')))
sdkconfig.set('datarootdir', join_paths('${prefix}', get_option('datadir')))
sdkconfig.set('moduledir', join_paths('${exec_prefix}', get_option('module_dir')))
sdkconfig.set('moduledir', join_paths('${exec_prefix}', module_dir))
sdkconfig.set('sdkdir', join_paths('${prefix}', get_option('includedir'), 'xorg'))
sdkconfig.set('sysconfigdir', join_paths('${datarootdir}', 'X11/xorg.conf.d'))
......@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ option('builder_string', type: 'string', description: 'Additional builder string
option('log_dir', type: 'string')
option('module_dir', type: 'string', value: 'xorg/modules',
description: 'X.Org modules directory')
description: 'X.Org modules directory (absolute or relative to the directory specified by the libdir option)')
option('default_font_path', type: 'string')
option('glx', type: 'boolean', value: true)
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