Commit a1c0c98e authored by Simon Ser's avatar Simon Ser
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xwayland: fix xdg_output leak

The xdg_output wasn't cleaned up when destroying the xwl_output.
Signed-off-by: Simon Ser's avatarSimon Ser <>
parent b67e514d
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...@@ -698,6 +698,8 @@ err: ...@@ -698,6 +698,8 @@ err:
void void
xwl_output_destroy(struct xwl_output *xwl_output) xwl_output_destroy(struct xwl_output *xwl_output)
{ {
if (xwl_output->xdg_output)
wl_output_destroy(xwl_output->output); wl_output_destroy(xwl_output->output);
free(xwl_output); free(xwl_output);
} }
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