Commit 0445705a authored by Adam Jackson's avatar Adam Jackson 🎧
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man: Fix automake seddery

Because this is an automakefile, things inside @@ get expanded, which
means your sed ends up saying s|/var/log|/var/log| and your manual pages
still have @logdir@ in them. Fix this by hiding the @s inside a trivial
character range, which keeps the pattern preserved all the way into the
Signed-off-by: Adam Jackson's avatarAdam Jackson <>
Reviewed-by: Alan Coopersmith's avatarAlan Coopersmith <>
parent 9f21872a
......@@ -34,21 +34,21 @@ MAN_SUBSTS += -e 's|@vendorversion@|"$(PACKAGE_STRING)" "$(XORG_MAN_PAGE)"|' \
# Add server specific man pages string substitution from XORG_MANPAGE_SECTIONS
# 's|/,|/, |g' will add a space to help font path formatting
MAN_SUBSTS += -e 's|@logdir@|$(logdir)|g' \
-e 's|@datadir@|$(datadir)|g' \
-e 's|@mandir@|$(mandir)|g' \
-e 's|@sysconfdir@|$(sysconfdir)|g' \
-e 's|@xconfigdir@|$(XCONFIGDIR)|g' \
-e 's|@xkbdir@|$(XKB_BASE_DIRECTORY)|g' \
-e 's|@bundle_id_prefix@|$(BUNDLE_ID_PREFIX)|g' \
-e 's|@modulepath@|$(DEFAULT_MODULE_PATH)|g' \
-e 's|@suid_wrapper_dir@|$(SUID_WRAPPER_DIR)|g' \
-e 's|@default_font_path@|$(COMPILEDDEFAULTFONTPATH)|g' \
MAN_SUBSTS += -e 's|[@]logdir[@]|$(logdir)|g' \
-e 's|[@]datadir[@]|$(datadir)|g' \
-e 's|[@]mandir[@]|$(mandir)|g' \
-e 's|[@]sysconfdir[@]|$(sysconfdir)|g' \
-e 's|[@]xconfigdir[@]|$(XCONFIGDIR)|g' \
-e 's|[@]xkbdir[@]|$(XKB_BASE_DIRECTORY)|g' \
-e 's|[@]XKB_DFLT_RULES[@]|$(XKB_DFLT_RULES)|g' \
-e 's|[@]XKB_DFLT_MODEL[@]|$(XKB_DFLT_MODEL)|g' \
-e 's|[@]bundle_id_prefix[@]|$(BUNDLE_ID_PREFIX)|g' \
-e 's|[@]modulepath[@]|$(DEFAULT_MODULE_PATH)|g' \
-e 's|[@]suid_wrapper_dir[@]|$(SUID_WRAPPER_DIR)|g' \
-e 's|[@]default_font_path[@]|$(COMPILEDDEFAULTFONTPATH)|g' \
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