Commit b69e547f authored by Simon Ser's avatar Simon Ser Committed by Pekka Paalanen

protocol: sync wl_shm.format with libdrm 2.4.99

This adds 42 new formats.
Signed-off-by: Simon Ser's avatarSimon Ser <>
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......@@ -357,6 +357,48 @@
<entry name="yvu422" value="0x36315659" summary="3 plane YCbCr format, 2x1 subsampled Cr (1) and Cb (2) planes"/>
<entry name="yuv444" value="0x34325559" summary="3 plane YCbCr format, non-subsampled Cb (1) and Cr (2) planes"/>
<entry name="yvu444" value="0x34325659" summary="3 plane YCbCr format, non-subsampled Cr (1) and Cb (2) planes"/>
<entry name="r8" value="0x20203852" summary="[7:0] R"/>
<entry name="r16" value="0x20363152" summary="[15:0] R little endian"/>
<entry name="rg88" value="0x38384752" summary="[15:0] R:G 8:8 little endian"/>
<entry name="gr88" value="0x38385247" summary="[15:0] G:R 8:8 little endian"/>
<entry name="rg1616" value="0x32334752" summary="[31:0] R:G 16:16 little endian"/>
<entry name="gr1616" value="0x32335247" summary="[31:0] G:R 16:16 little endian"/>
<entry name="xrgb16161616f" value="0x48345258" summary="[63:0] x:R:G:B 16:16:16:16 little endian"/>
<entry name="xbgr16161616f" value="0x48344258" summary="[63:0] x:B:G:R 16:16:16:16 little endian"/>
<entry name="argb16161616f" value="0x48345241" summary="[63:0] A:R:G:B 16:16:16:16 little endian"/>
<entry name="abgr16161616f" value="0x48344241" summary="[63:0] A:B:G:R 16:16:16:16 little endian"/>
<entry name="xyuv8888" value="0x56555958" summary="[31:0] X:Y:Cb:Cr 8:8:8:8 little endian"/>
<entry name="vuy888" value="0x34325556" summary="[23:0] Cr:Cb:Y 8:8:8 little endian"/>
<entry name="vuy101010" value="0x30335556" summary="Y followed by U then V, 10:10:10. Non-linear modifier only"/>
<entry name="y210" value="0x30313259" summary="[63:0] Cr0:0:Y1:0:Cb0:0:Y0:0 10:6:10:6:10:6:10:6 little endian per 2 Y pixels"/>
<entry name="y212" value="0x32313259" summary="[63:0] Cr0:0:Y1:0:Cb0:0:Y0:0 12:4:12:4:12:4:12:4 little endian per 2 Y pixels"/>
<entry name="y216" value="0x36313259" summary="[63:0] Cr0:Y1:Cb0:Y0 16:16:16:16 little endian per 2 Y pixels"/>
<entry name="y410" value="0x30313459" summary="[31:0] A:Cr:Y:Cb 2:10:10:10 little endian"/>
<entry name="y412" value="0x32313459" summary="[63:0] A:0:Cr:0:Y:0:Cb:0 12:4:12:4:12:4:12:4 little endian"/>
<entry name="y416" value="0x36313459" summary="[63:0] A:Cr:Y:Cb 16:16:16:16 little endian"/>
<entry name="xvyu2101010" value="0x30335658" summary="[31:0] X:Cr:Y:Cb 2:10:10:10 little endian"/>
<entry name="xvyu12_16161616" value="0x36335658" summary="[63:0] X:0:Cr:0:Y:0:Cb:0 12:4:12:4:12:4:12:4 little endian"/>
<entry name="xvyu16161616" value="0x38345658" summary="[63:0] X:Cr:Y:Cb 16:16:16:16 little endian"/>
<entry name="y0l0" value="0x304c3059" summary="[63:0] A3:A2:Y3:0:Cr0:0:Y2:0:A1:A0:Y1:0:Cb0:0:Y0:0 1:1:8:2:8:2:8:2:1:1:8:2:8:2:8:2 little endian"/>
<entry name="x0l0" value="0x304c3058" summary="[63:0] X3:X2:Y3:0:Cr0:0:Y2:0:X1:X0:Y1:0:Cb0:0:Y0:0 1:1:8:2:8:2:8:2:1:1:8:2:8:2:8:2 little endian"/>
<entry name="y0l2" value="0x324c3059" summary="[63:0] A3:A2:Y3:Cr0:Y2:A1:A0:Y1:Cb0:Y0 1:1:10:10:10:1:1:10:10:10 little endian"/>
<entry name="x0l2" value="0x324c3058" summary="[63:0] X3:X2:Y3:Cr0:Y2:X1:X0:Y1:Cb0:Y0 1:1:10:10:10:1:1:10:10:10 little endian"/>
<entry name="yuv420_8bit" value="0x38305559"/>
<entry name="yuv420_10bit" value="0x30315559"/>
<entry name="xrgb8888_a8" value="0x38415258"/>
<entry name="xbgr8888_a8" value="0x38414258"/>
<entry name="rgbx8888_a8" value="0x38415852"/>
<entry name="bgrx8888_a8" value="0x38415842"/>
<entry name="rgb888_a8" value="0x38413852"/>
<entry name="bgr888_a8" value="0x38413842"/>
<entry name="rgb565_a8" value="0x38413552"/>
<entry name="bgr565_a8" value="0x38413542"/>
<entry name="nv24" value="0x3432564e" summary="non-subsampled Cr:Cb plane"/>
<entry name="nv42" value="0x3234564e" summary="non-subsampled Cb:Cr plane"/>
<entry name="p210" value="0x30313250" summary="2x1 subsampled Cr:Cb plane, 10 bit per channel"/>
<entry name="p010" value="0x30313050" summary="2x2 subsampled Cr:Cb plane 10 bits per channel"/>
<entry name="p012" value="0x32313050" summary="2x2 subsampled Cr:Cb plane 12 bits per channel"/>
<entry name="p016" value="0x36313050" summary="2x2 subsampled Cr:Cb plane 16 bits per channel"/>
<request name="create_pool">
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