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      remove listener from wl_data_source destroy_signal listener list · 2e79c487
      Dmitry Guryanov authored
      I've found a bug during wayland exploration - if you make two
      drag'n'drops in weston client example, dnd - weston crashes with
      segfault. I've tried to investigate it and found a problem.
      In function drag_grab_button we first call data_device_end_drag_grab,
      which sets seat->drag_data_source to NULL. Then we remove
      listener from list only if drag_data_source is not NULL.
      So if client will not free wl_data_source and start another drag'n'drop,
      after the first one. Then two wl_data_source structures will be
      free'd on client exit (let's name them s1 and s2).
      next and prev pointer of
      wl_data_source.resource.destroy_signal.listener_list in both
      wl_data_source structures will be seat->drag_data_source_listener,
      but next and prev in seat->drag_data_source_listener.link point
      to listener_list in s2.
      So if you try to iterate over listener_list in s1
      then you get drag_data_source_listener as first item and
      (struct wl_listener *)(&s2.resource.destroy_signal.listener_list)
      Iteration over that list occurs in
      and try to call function at address of wl_resource->client, so
      weston segfaults there.
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