1. 09 Oct, 2013 1 commit
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  4. 25 Sep, 2013 1 commit
    • Neil Roberts's avatar
      client: Fix handling display->reader_count if poll fails · 799ea720
      Neil Roberts authored
      In wl_display_dispatch_queue, if poll fails then it would previously
      return immediately and leak a reference in display->reader_count. Then
      if the application ignores the error and tries to read again it will
      block forever. This can happen for example if the poll fails with
      EINTR which the application might consider to be a recoverable error.
      This patch makes it cancel the read so the reader_count will be
      decremented when poll fails.
  5. 22 Sep, 2013 2 commits
  6. 21 Sep, 2013 7 commits
    • Marek Ch's avatar
      tests: add wl_resource tests · b99edb8b
      Marek Ch authored
    • Marek Ch's avatar
      tests: add unit tests for wl_signal · 6f1569bd
      Marek Ch authored
      Test wl_signal initialization, adding and getting listeners and emitting
    • Marek Ch's avatar
      tests: extended message when leak in test is detected · ec08c5c3
      Marek Ch authored
      When memory or fd leak is detected, print how many blocks of memory were
      allocated and not freed, respectively how many files were opened/unclosed.
    • Chang Liu's avatar
      client: fix an inconsistency in documentation · 5cf31443
      Chang Liu authored
      The errno is set to EAGAIN when there are undispatched events, according
      to L1066 of wayland-client.c.
    • Aaron Faanes's avatar
      doc: Slight tweaks to wl_listener · 5a925532
      Aaron Faanes authored
      Prefer \comment over // in code blocks for consistency's sake and keep
      variable definitions separated by a line from the rest of the body.
    • Aaron Faanes's avatar
      utils: Document wl_container_of · 8267f283
      Aaron Faanes authored
    • Aaron Faanes's avatar
      doc: Create \comment alias for C-style comments · 217909c1
      Aaron Faanes authored
      Since /* */ do not nest, documentation is forced to either use C++ style
      // comments or some other foreign notation. This commit provides an alias
      that allows C-style comments to be introduced in code blocks that support
      It should be noted that this macro will not work within \code blocks, as
      Doxygen commands are ignored there. Instead, Doxygen's fenced code
      blocks (created via ~~~) must be used for proper output. To demonstrate:
      struct example_node {
              int id;
              \comment{Other members ...}
      will roughly yield the following HTML (excluding syntax highlighting):
      struct example_node {
              int id;
              /* Other members ... */
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