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Update TODO

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......@@ -70,27 +70,6 @@ Core wayland protocol
- Add timestamp to touch_cancel, add touch id to touch_cancel (?)
- Serial numbers. The wayland protocol, as X, uses timestamps to
match up certain requests with input events. The problem is that
sometimes an event happens that triggers a timestamped event. For
example, a surface goes away and a new surface receives a
pointer.enter event. These events are normally timestamped with
the evdev event timestamp, but in this case, we don't have a evdev
timestamp. So we have to go to gettimeofday (or clock_gettime())
and then we don't know if it's coming from the same time source
etc. And we don't really need a real time timestamp, we just need
a serial number that encodes the order of events inside the server.
So we need to introduce a serial number mechanism (uint32_t,
maintained in that we can use to order
events, and have a look at the events we send out and decide
whether they need serial number or timestamp or both. We still
need real-time timestamps for actual input device events (motion,
buttons, keys, touch), to be able to reason about double-click
speed and movement speed. The serial number will also give us a
mechanism to key together events that are "logically the same" such
as a unicode event and a keycode event, or a motion event and a
relative event from a raw device.
- The output protocol needs to send all the ugly timing details for the modes.
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